Carnes: Time for this to end? |

Carnes: Time for this to end?

“I demand this mandatory house arrest come to an end!”

It’s, um, voluntary for the most part.

“I don’t care, I want to leave my house. I want to be liberated!”

No one’s stopping you, Bubba.

“It’s a power grab from the left!”

Sneaky little twits, I’ll give you that.

“This hyped-up cold virus is a joke. Open the damn country and let the chips fall where they may.”

Wait, are you Bill O’Reilly, or do you have a grandfather named Chip?

“The government has no business telling me what I can and cannot do!”

OK then, I want an abortion.

And the conspiratorial whining goes on and on, each of the above quotes coming from one form of social media or another.

But while a few continue to whine about repressed liberties, forced socialism and, of course, demanding their government stimulus check at the same time, it does appear we are starting to climb out of this mess.


A number of states have already begun to relax restrictions, such as beaches in Florida, shopping malls in Nebraska and state parks and elective medical procedures in Texas. All in order to at least get some people back to work, but will it work here in Happy Valley?

Your guess is probably better than mine.

A few local stores, like the Bottle N Cork in Edwards, have been able to remain open, and now we’re seeing a couple of OPEN signs being turned back on, such as the Gore Range Brewery and the Riverwalk Theater in Edwards (both for food & drink only, but no movies yet).

Only time will tell.

On a sad note, we lost another of our Vail Founding Fathers when Bob Lazier passed away last Saturday afternoon.

We’ve known the Laziers since the ’80s but really became friends when Bob’s grandson, Flinn, grew up a close friend of our youngest. I had the pleasure of interviewing Bob a few years ago for a magazine article. Over two days -— and his insistence on repeatedly serving me baloney sandwiches — I learned more about the Lazier story than I did in the previous 30-plus years.

Here are two of the most memorable pearls of wisdom I gleaned from the Lazier patriarch: 

“Destiny is simply taking advantage of an opportunity when you see it.”

“I don’t consider myself one of the founders … I consider myself the person that gained the most from the founders … I was the recipient of their vision … I didn’t have the vision of Vail, I had the vision of life … in Vail.”

To say Bob Lazier will remain a cherished member of this community until the end of time is an understatement. Having him pass due to this tragic twist of viral fate is just one more reason to do things right, especially in light of the conspiratorial bozos in Denver last weekend.

So here’s one more Bob quote concerning our discussions as we ended the interview: “These are priceless stories about priceless people …”

And that is the single most distinguishing word to describe Bob Lazier: priceless.

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