Carnes: ’Tis the season for faux outrage at songs, TV and other holiday classics (column) |

Carnes: ’Tis the season for faux outrage at songs, TV and other holiday classics (column)

Richard Carnes
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Here we are, back in that special time of year when, as opposed to political seasons, the holiday season is corralled by those claiming ownership and finding (desperately searching is more like it) to find someone or something to offend their delicate sense of being.

In 2018 it appears to be centered around anything connected to the entertainment industry (and Beaver Creek buses, of course, we mustn’t forget Beaver Creek buses).

Musically, it’s the daring words of a man (the evil gender with that extra appendage) attempting to have a lady friend stay even though she appears to want to leave in “Baby, it’s cold outside,” and although not connected with the holidays, “Kiss the girl” from “The Little Mermaid,” as having a gaggle of animated Disney characters urging another animated Disney character to smooch his animated Disney love interest is now a no-no.

Makes me curious about a few others as well.

Did Mommy consensually agree to be “kissing Santa Claus,” and what about the moral conundrum seeing grandma be run over by a reindeer?

I suppose we can now look forward to future changes such as, “I’m dreaming of a multicolored Christmas …” and “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire … dressed up like an Inuit.”

And then we have the TV classics, which openly promote bullying, name-calling, racism and sexism.

Rudolph was bullied by the ignorant nationalists, no question, and then his dad, Donner, having the audacity to tell his wife when she wanted to help in the search for the missing red-nosed freak, “No, this is man’s work.”

Charlie Brown was obviously a bigot when he forced Franklin (the only black guy at the table) to sit by himself at Thanksgiving, and of course his Christmas special goes out of its way to exclude Hanukkah and whatever pagan-based nonsense pagan’s dare to celebrate.

Good grief.

Where’s Frosty the gender-free SnowIt, and is the Grinch a cross-dressing Democrat or just an everyday Republican?

Wow, I guess it is pretty easy to offend this time of year.

Think about it, how dare a fat man (sorry, obese) in a red furry suit ask little girls (sitting on his lap, no less) if they are naughty.

What a pervert.

And those openly pro-gay “holiday” cups at Starbucks?

What nerve.

So those of you I am referring to — and you know who you are — knock yourselves out in your daily attempt to find someone or something to offend you in a demeaning and malevolent manner.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will focus on enjoying the season, regardless of race, religion, lyrics or the ugly twisting of holiday-themed entertainment.

And although I wish it were a year-round lifestyle as opposed to just this time of year, let’s remember all it takes to not be a miserable Grinch hell-bent on ruining the holiday season for those around you is to be nice.

It is not very hard. All it takes is a little compassion and caring for those less fortunate.

And please understand that, deep down, I personally have no problem whatsoever if you wish to make your Yuletide gay.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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