Carnes: Trump’s an international embarrassment, but he’s our international embarrassment (column) |

Carnes: Trump’s an international embarrassment, but he’s our international embarrassment (column)

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Sure, America has her problems.

Papa John’s Pizza no longer has a papa named John, we have national arguments over whether or not we can stand in a beer line during the national anthem, and until last week, the state of Missouri still allowed 15-year-old girls to be married.

Quirky, is how we would probably be described on Tinder.

We’re currently trying to shame one another for using plastic straws and plastic bags, McDonald’s is pulling salads from thousand of locations for bacterial infections and popular TV shows are pulled off the air for Twitter infections.

Although still the economic leader of the world, due to our recent personnel problem (not personal — personnel), most nations are now swiping left.

As the face of America, President Donald Trump tweeted last month for us all to “sleep well tonight … there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea,” when all that’s actually occurred was a canceling of U.S. military exercises in the region to appease Dictator Un and North Korea responding, “… the attitude of the U.S. .… were indeed regrettable.”

He then left the G7 in turmoil while insulting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, while at the exact same time China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin were not insulting one another but toasting the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an eight-member bloc designed to coordinate security policies across Asia.

Last week it was the European Union’s turn to hear from our verbal wrecking ball, with all of our allies in NATO being insulted and called “foes,” none more so than Germany, leaving shock and dismay in his wake.

Then last weekend it was our oldest ally, England (if one ignores the assistance from France during our war for independence), and I do believe I even saw Mary Poppins giving Trump the one-finger salute during one of the many protest parades. He ignored her, as expected, but was sure to insult the Mayor of London, the Prime Minister (denying he did so a few hours later, even though it was recorded) and ended the day insulting the always-punctual 92-year-old Queen of England by showing up 15 minutes late for tea.

And here I am, once again stuck in my personal kerfuffle of a Sunday deadline for Tuesday publication, and yesterday (Monday, July 16), Trump was supposed to sit down in a private one on one with our most certainly non-ally, Putin.

No one else allowed, save an interpreter or two (with appropriated life insurance policies, I hope).

We have elected leaders going after an FBI agent for tweets but ignoring 12 indicted Russians who hacked our election process. The president has lawyers who don’t trust him to sit down with Robert Mueller but apparently have no issue with him sitting down privately with Putin.

Makes me wonder if they’ll put a sock on the door handle.

Either way, I guarantee by this point he’s called the meeting a tremendous success and that we should all sleep better knowing Putin is our friend.

I must also point out that I agree with the attempts to denuclearize North Korea, to even the tariff playing field with the G7 and to have NATO members pay more of their fair share, but I strongly disagree with the president’s methodology.

As for the English insults, that is simply one more thing about the man common sense can’t help define.

So, yes, the man is an international embarrassment, but he’s our international embarrassment, and we’ll deal with him as long as we have to.

I just hope we can eventually get our allies to start swiping right again.

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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