Carnes: Who are you people? (column) |

Carnes: Who are you people? (column)

Richard Carnes
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A man shouts “All Jews must die” as he murders at least 11 people and both sides of our national political coin wait until they know the color of the man’s skin and the party listed on his voter registration card before they dare to comment publicly.

It took all of an hour before the Drudge Report had a headline proclaiming the shooter was a “Trump hater,” but of course its journalistic source came straight from Alex Jones’

Twenty-four hours prior in Florida, a steroid-abusing bodybuilder who worked at a strip club is charged with sending at least a dozen pipe bombs through the mail to Trump critics.

Just before his arrest, social media sites were on fire with conspiracy-laden accusations from both sides over the ethnicity and political leanings of the alleged perpetrator, with all of the blame being placed at the feet of either President Trump or George Soros and the media.

When it was verified the man was a Trump supporter, the left jumped all over it as proof of violence from the right as the right frantically searched for clues that the underlying evidence will prove the left is actually to blame.

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Good grief.

Who are you people?

While I loathe both sides equally, their never-ending quest to make each other look bad at every possible turn only serves to widen the credibility gap in the watching eyes of side No. 3 of the political coin — Independent voters — which are now the largest single voting bloc in the nation.

If you haven’t already sent in your ballot, get off the damn couch and do it, otherwise you’re nothing more than a big part of the problem and have relinquished all rights to complain about anything other than the amount of snowfall we receive by Thanksgiving.

That’s something we’ll always complain about anyway.

But if you don’t bother to vote we won’t bother to pay attention to your whining about anything.

Anything at all.

However, if you are one of those with the intellect for critical thinking and have chosen to participate in our election system — thank you — just please understand that you’re only making things worse by voting a straight party ticket.

There is no lazier way to vote.

Also understand that Antifa members and those referring to themselves as Nationalists have as much impact on the real world as October snow has on March base totals, so ignore each side’s attempt to associate either one with either party.

Happy Valley sadly has our own unfair share of fanatics shouting to the top of the Gore about Honduran invasions and how tomorrow night all the little socialists-in-training will be demanding free handouts at your door.

Just ignore them, as most are the type that blame everyone but themselves for having a miserable life.

Let those two minority party’s duke it out in their grand quest for public irrelevance, as Independents are the ones responsible for the future of our nation.

Voting is the single most powerful and valuable tool an American can possess.

Use it.

Richard Carnes, of Avon, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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