Carnes: Why the GOP implosion? |

Carnes: Why the GOP implosion?

We can make a list hundreds of pages long detailing the problems within today’s Republican party, and for the record a Democratic party list would be just as long, but with the GOP there is a single aspect that I find particularly troubling, and that is – why?

Why have they allowed this leap off the cliff of denial to happen?

The once-proud institution based upon limited government and fiscal responsibility has devolved into a mixed bag of anti-science, pro-violence, hypocritical nutjobs determined to win at any costs with a complete disregard for the good of the nation they pretend to love and represent.

However, I truly believe at least 95% of those still claiming to be members do not meet most of the disturbing qualifications listed above, yet they allow the remaining 5% to do all of the talking, thus painting all with a broad and unfair brush of incompetence.

Granted, today’s GOP does not own the patent on incompetent politicians, but they’re currently at the top of the pending list.

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Take Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz for example, the duo currently traveling the country for their DAFT Tour (Delude Americans First Tour), where crowds of silly hat wearers are enthralled with such delectable treats as “Who do you think won in Arizona on Nov. 3?” and “We’ve won … This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party!” while demanding audit searches for bamboo DNA.

And of course they’re still pushing the conspiracy now known around the world as “The Big Lie” as truth to somehow propel their cult leader back into the White House, but we mustn’t forget the dynamic duo’s potential indictments right around the corner for sex-trafficking and tax evasion, among other things.

And then we have Ted Cruz insulting our “woke, emasculated” military, but at this moment the party that didn’t bother with a campaign platform for the 2020 elections is all about preventing a bipartisan commission on the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Enter Marco Rubio, the U.S. Senator from Florida struggling to remain relevant in a virtual sea of irrelevance, demanding the GOP look forward, not backwards, and ignore American demands for the commission.

Yes, just like Republicans moved forward after Benghazi, but hey, most Nazis refused to participate in the Nuremberg trials, so I can sort of understand their hesitancy.

Anyway, these rightest of the right are not only promoting revisionist history, they want to erase the entire episode from existence.

The so-called leaders are infatuated with finding solutions to non-existent problems like voter fraud, are obsessed with running our lives in the bedroom and preach the best way to increase the number of voters they want is to restrict the number of voters they don’t want.

They are wasting time being obsessed over people being offended by people being offended and worrying about the gender of a plastic potato all the while promoting an ideology of selfishness as a virtue and empathy being a liberal trick.

The 5% need to crawl back under their self-righteous rock and the remaining 95% need to ask themselves if they are a “Big Lie” Republican or a real one.

It’s simple to understand the how, but again I ask, why?

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