Carnes: Yes, we’re voting again already |

Carnes: Yes, we’re voting again already

In a perfect world, most of us have now received voting ballots for the local election a short three weeks from today (Nov. 2 for the calendar challenged).

But, of course, thanks to the pandemic we no longer live in a perfect world.

For those of you who have received a ballot, it’s time to pay attention to the details lest you find yourself complaining about the results on Nov. 3.

Yet as we all know, some of you will complain either way.

For those of you who have not received a ballot, be patient, the Post Office is now slower than ever thanks to questionable strategies put in place by a moron who was put in place by an even bigger moron.

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Once you have that puppy in hand though, here’s a few of the items you can look forward to helping the rest of us decide upon and how I think it should go:

Higher sales taxes for retail pot sales: Fine, we made pot legal back in 2014 so fewer pointless arrests would be made, and we could fund educational programs without raising taxes on other stuff.

Lower tax assessment rate on residential property: Fine, but understand it’s little more than a political trick so elected leaders can claim to have lowered taxes, but in reality assessment values have climbed so high that we will actually be paying more.

Ballot 1A to extend term limits for county commissioners: Not just no, but hell no. Every election we clamor for stricter term limits at the state and national level, so why in the world would we relax them at the local level?

The town of Vail wants to increase sales taxes to fund housing programs: No, although intentions have always been good, I’m still a firm believer in the free market determining risks based upon needs, not government.

The town of Avon wants to increase taxes for short-term rentals and is asking voters to decide whether or not to recall the mayor and a council member: No, and hell no. Short-term rentals of private property are going to occur regardless of the tax rate (most are done in “secret” to begin with), and recall attempts such as this are little more than childish reactions by a few who had their feelings hurt in the past. Don’t forget that over $100K of our (your) tax dollars was wasted on this silly nonsense.

School board elections: Go ahead and pick the ones you know and like because that’s what most of you are going to do anyway. Understand, however, that there is much more to the position than politically-based mask and vaccine issues, and be especially leery of those attempting to indoctrinate personal religious-based ideas into public secular schools.

This ain’t Texas.

There’s a slew of council positions in Vail and Eagle, but I don’t live in either so my opinion is irrelevant.

Eagle wants to borrow $27 million to basically increase their debt load, and Mountain Recreation wants to increase property taxes to raise $60 million for recreational improvement programs. Even the slowest of the slow should know by now what I think of those two.

And as opposed to a few childish states that refuse to grow up, this is another Colorado 100% mail-in election, so simply drop your completed ballot in the mail. But if you happen to be one of those who equate such an act with Dominion voting machines and insist the outcome is rigged before voting even begins, feel free to slide it in one of the seven convenient drop box locations throughout the county.

At least that way you’ll be assured that it’s counted (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

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