Carpet replacement project at Avon Public Library a job well done, with minimal disruption (letter) |

Carpet replacement project at Avon Public Library a job well done, with minimal disruption (letter)

For anyone who has ever tackled a home renovation project, you are all too familiar with the pitfalls that accompany it. The costs that inevitably increase, the timeframe that always seems to expand, let alone the aggravation and the plain inconvenience of it all.

The Avon Public Library has almost 25,000 library cardholders, and an average of 500 of them tread lightly on the floors of the library every day. On Monday, Aug. 27, the library started replacing the carpeting throughout the entire building. As someone who uses the library on a regular basis, I couldn’t help but wonder how this undertaking was going to interfere with the everyday running and use of the library. After all, most libraries close their doors during such an undertaking.

Now that the dust has cleared and the work is completed (four days ahead of schedule, no less), it is time to give a shout out to the library staff, as well as local contractor Maverick Flooring, for this recent renovation. There was only mild disruption to the excellent programs and materials the library has to offer.

I would rather accept the consequences of not vacuuming under my couch than physically move it. But the library staff took on the moving of more than 77,000 books, movies, magazines, etc., along with the accompanying shelving and furniture, and they did it in such a timely and organized fashion that they were able to keep the library up and running and, more importantly, usable during the renovation for the residents of Avon.

As a new resident of Avon, the programs, staff and materials of the library have helped me find friends and become part of this community.

Job well done!

Gail Bell


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