Cartier: Election day is upon us; vote your ballot carefully (column) |

Cartier: Election day is upon us; vote your ballot carefully (column)

Jacqueline Cartier
Special to the Daily

Editor’s note: Per the Vail Daily’s election guidelines, each candidate running to represent constituents in the newspaper’s distribution area has been given the option to submit one column to present his or her election platform.

This year’s ballot is lengthy and filled with language that is not clear in its intention. Research, and if still confused, leave that section blank (this is not an SAT exam) or vote “no” and have supporters return next time with a more clearly defined description.

Discuss specific issues with people in the industry that you respect; they have frontline experience and will give you a perspective that you may not have considered. There are often disagreements within each party on issues, so go with what you truly believe, not how others think you should vote (no one will know how you actually voted unless you tell them).

On candidates, consider each one carefully, for they have the power to make decisions that will directly impact your daily life. Party affiliation is a consideration when it comes to overall approach, but we all know those within each party who leave us wondering how they ever got elected, so use your own good judgment, rather than political rhetoric.

If an incumbent promises what they have not previously delivered, then proceed with caution; they will not change. If you love the way things are, then this election is easy. If you believe that we can do better, then vote for someone new. Don’t settle for the complacency of mediocrity; you deserve more. Consider a diversity of ideas; your solutions will be stronger and more sustainable. Expand your comfort zone to think bigger and expect more.

Great ideas require vision, boldness and commitment to broaden our thinking of what is possible. Everything around us was once simply a thought, an idea, and it became reality with decisions made by people like you. We are capable of so much more.

You can influence the future and create an incredible tomorrow by voting today. You have the power to make history. Vote for innovation. Vote for a voice. Vote Jacqueline Cartier for commissioner.

Jacqueline Cartier is a candidate for Eagle County commissioner. Learn more at

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