Chances are none for 51 |

Chances are none for 51


Richard Carnes

“Obama and the rest of the libtards have ruined the great state of Colorado! It used to be so beautiful!”

Hmmmm, I didn’t realize political ideology could affect eyesight.

I read this gem on a website promoting the movement of a few counties in northeast Colorado to form a new state called “North Colorado.”

As silly as it sounds, these are real actual adults doing the thinking over there.

Yep, the part of the state that I can never seem to drive through fast enough has a handful of elected leaders so frustrated by years of being on the losing end of elections that they reached the brilliant conclusion that forming a new state, complete with all the necessary departments, is their remedy to cure what they affectionately call the “disease of liberalism.”

What is basically a child’s tantrum toward environmental laws against fracking, legalizing fracking pot and allowing married fracking homosexuals to attempt to take away their fracking guns has now become a national joke worthy of Leno and Letterman monologues.

These myopic misanthropes actually believe a brand new layer of government, including departments of agriculture, corrections, education, human services, employment, law, military and veteran affairs, natural resources, personnel, public health, public safety, revenue, transportation and treasury (just to name a few), along with a new batch of full-time politicians demanding to be paid what all the others receive, plus judges and courts and all the other bi-polar bilge that comes in the package will fix what they figure ails them.

It has as much chance of working as the Broncos picking up Aaron Hernandez as a free agent.

Why do these snivelers always scream to secede every time the president is a different color, implying that democracy is only good when their color is in control?

For the record, I’m only talking red or blue here (but where were you going with it?).

Anyway, I bring the president into the mix because most of their apparent complaints somehow circle back to Obama, with their version of a buck concerning regulation, gays, guns and pot stopping squarely in his lap.

What these whiners need is a refresher course in representative government, which is exactly how our republic is designed. When a majority votes in a policy, the minority has two choices: accept it and move forward or attempt to change it while moving forward. Either way, move forward, please, or at least move to another locale where you can whine with like-minded whiners.

Just imagine if a few Vail leaders became so frustrated with decision making at the county level that they threatened to form their very own “Vail County.”

Before you know it Avon would want to join, as well as Beaver Creek and then Arrowhead, Edwards, Cordillera and maybe even Minturn would jump on the bandwagon, and then we’d pretty much be right back where we started.

You cannot fix something that is perceived to be broken by simply running away.

Besides, we all know Puerto Rico will be the 51st state at some point, unless we decide to annex Mexico first.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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