CMC Foundation Board member: Vote ‘yes’ to support Colorado Mountain College |

CMC Foundation Board member: Vote ‘yes’ to support Colorado Mountain College

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I believe we should support Colorado Mountain College’s ballot initiative and vote “yes” on 4B.

A little history: For the past 14 years, the amount we, as individual homeowners, have paid to support the college is $32 per year per $100,000 of assessed property value. Through 4B, this rate will not be raised but may be maintained to keep the college financially sound, ensuring that future generations of students have access to affordable postsecondary education in their communities. Without 4B, Colorado Mountain College will suffer a loss of more than $2.7 million in revenue this year alone.

• CMC maintains the lowest tuition rates in the state and provides the third most affordable bachelor’s degree programs in the nation.

• CMC graduates are the primary source of police officers, firefighters, nurses, early-childhood educators and hospitality workers in our mountain communities.

• CMC provides free college courses to more than 1,200 high school students in the mountain communities.

• CMC has served nearly 500,000 students since its inception.

• CMC offers each in-district graduating high school senior automatic admission to college and a scholarship to go with it.

CMC is a community asset that we cannot afford to have compromised by the impacts of the Gallagher Amendment. Explosive growth in Front Range property values is causing downward adjustments to local funding, which is compromised by the Gallagher Amendment (in Colorado Constitution) tax rates.

CMC is not asking for an automatic or unlimited tax increase. Rather, Ballot Initiative 4B allows CMC’s elected board to recover only those revenues lost by CMC due to adjustments in the Gallagher Amendment rates on a biannual basis.

Vote “yes” on 4B and support Colorado Mountain College. For more information, visit and


Elaine Kelton

Colorado Mountain College Foundation Board

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