Column calling bus riders ‘peasants’ was appalling and disgraceful (letter) |

Column calling bus riders ‘peasants’ was appalling and disgraceful (letter)

I live in Eagle and work at Beaver Creek. The commentary that was written by Richard Carnes and printed in today’s Vail Daily was so disappointing that I had to speak up about it (“All days should be like this,” Tuesday, Dec. 4).

He wrote, “because I’m lazy and don’t enjoy riding the bus with the peasants, I went with my wife to work up at Beaver Creek at 7 a.m. on Saturday,” then went on to say he was going “to act like a tourist.”

The term “peasants” describing people who ride a bus was demeaning, offensive and malevolent to all the people who ride the many bus systems of the Eagle County area, including Vail’s bus system, which transports thousands of professional, middle-class, low-income and immigrant people daily to school, work, grocery stores, resorts, airports and all sorts of destinations within Eagle County. And the tourist is the main source of income for the whole county.

I find it appalling and disgraceful that the editor of Vail Daily would allow this to be printed in today’s edition.

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Alfred Kempf


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