Column: White House dotard should focus his childish antics elsewhere |

Column: White House dotard should focus his childish antics elsewhere

Richard Carnes

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“Why don’t you write something positive for a change?”

I’m not sure what you mean, all of my columns are positive.

“What? Like hell they are. Every one of your stupid columns is negative towards one thing or another, especially when it comes to President Donald Trump.”

I am positively sure you are wrong. Granted, I am positively negative towards just about anything the man says or does, but that’s only because he is right about everything and correct about nothing.

“See what I mean? Right there, you did it again.”

OK, I challenge you to rationalize, oh let’s say, the last few weeks or so of his childish antics. Hardly anyone even tries to defend him anymore.

“Give it your best shot, Bubba.”

Try to keep up, Cletus. Since the beginning of this month FEMA has, at the request of the Trump administration, declared 20 official U.S. Disasters. Five fire emergency declarations in Montana, four in California, one each in Washington, Utah and Oregon, Hurricane Irma emergency declarations in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and Hurricane Maria emergency declarations again in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Our national debt is at an all-time high, we are threatening war with a 1950’s-era nation of starving poor people, dealing with horrific race relations, a failing health care system, immigration reform, tax reform, a silly see-through wall, a Russian conspiracy and a stock market ripe for bears, and all the president can talk about is how professional athletes should be fired for not standing during the national anthem.

“Yeah, but —”

No buts. This chaos-loving man-child, who constantly gives Americans the bird with his tweets, disinvites a team from visiting the White House, suggests Americans should be fired from their jobs for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech, and called a private citizen — not a murderer or terrorist — an SOB for voicing an opinion out of sync with his. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s not normal behavior for an elected leader of the free world.

“So I assume you agree with players taking a knee.”

Completely irrelevant. Rome is burning and Trump is playing “Take me out to the ballgame” on a rusty fiddle. I don’t care if you’re a Nazi wannabe sitting on the couch draped in your confederate flag while the national anthem plays on your not-too-smart TV, standing or kneeling does nothing to prove or disprove patriotism. Besides, the kneeling nonsense was, for the most part, dying a slow but inevitable death until the moment this thin-skinned buffoon tossed tweets of fuel on the fire.

“Don’t you think it disrespects those who fought and died for the flag?”

No, they fought and died for the right to do exactly what these spoiled overpaid athletes are doing, but again, way beyond the point. The man who claimed to bring our country together is doing the complete opposite while serious issues for the American people are being treated like an Ann Coulter speech at Berkeley.

“And somehow you see this as a positive?”

Of course not, but as soon as he stops doing infantile nonsense like this and starts leading the nation as an adult, it will be.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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