Actively Green 2015 ambassador profile: Corinne Hara |

Actively Green 2015 ambassador profile: Corinne Hara

Editor’s note: This is a weekly spotlight that celebrates a local person who works for an Actively Green 2015 participating sustainable business.

Name: Corinne Hara

Job: TEDxVail coordinator

How did the idea to create the first Actively Green certified event come about? We loved the fact that Actively Green 2015 was a sustainable platform tailored to businesses, buildings and operations. As an event, you don’t normally have control over this, so after deciding on a sustainable venue, we came up with a checklist of Actively Green principles that translated into event planning.

Why did you take the initiative to make TEDxVail sustainable? If you know that resources are limited, and if you know that there is something reasonable that you can do, that you can change in your way of planning, then why not?

How do you see your Actively Green efforts affecting future event planning standards? It’s basically about environmentally conscious design; it’s not about altering events and functions so that they’re completely different. Let’s call it the 2.0 version of event planning. This is eventually going to be our lifestyle.

What are some examples of how you met the criteria for certification? We used an LED spotlight at the photo station. Water stations replaced plastic water bottles. Eliminating printed fliers for the event and choosing 100 percent recycled post consumer waste cardstock for name badges. For the lanyards, I looked for natural fibers and ditched the plastic badge holder because most people don’t use them afterwards.

The Actively Green 2015 Sustainable Business Certification program is a community-driven partnership supported by the town of Vail, the Vail Valley Foundation, Sustainable Travel International and Walking Mountains Science Center. To get involved visit

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