Bike trail questions linger in Eagle |

Bike trail questions linger in Eagle

Although one trustee was absent and another left early, there were plenty of others in attendance for the full agenda at the latest Eagle Town Board meeting at 200 Broadway.

A former trustee started public comment with questions about the Haymeadow bike trail related to the board spending approximately $60,000 of taxpayer money without getting comparison bids and how it relates to the Haymeadow project, which has been approved at sketch level.

A business owner was next, offering thanks for the effort and money being used toward recreation tourism, while the Eagle Farmers Market said thanks for the $2,000 community funding it received for the market, which starts July 5.

The Up with People item was postponed until further information is provided.

A consent agenda of meeting minutes and the Eagle Ranch Golf Course liquor license was approved with one request for questions submitted to be added to the record.

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The Western Eagle Valley Rotary Club special event liquor license was approved for the Rotary Tri Club Dinner on May 23 at the Brush Creek Pavilion.

Because of lease negotiations that didn’t work out, the Higher Elevation Healing Arts School was back for a special use permit at a new location, 201 Broadway.

This request, along with a special use permit for expanding the Mountain Journey Preschool, was approved with limited discussion.

The next file, a Kum & Go gas station proposal near the Sylvan Lake Road roundabout, generated several written public comments for the record and a few from those in attendance. This land use file was continued until the next meeting after information was presented from staff and the applicant.

The agreement with the landowner for allowing the construction of the Haymeadow bike trail, which can be ended after four years without reimbursement to the town, generated one additional public comment, some discussion and a lengthy statement read into the record by one trustee before being approved, 5-1. Several ordinances covering water rights, a second amendment to the agreement between the town and the Eagle Health Care Center, and a budget appropriation of $202,000 for the Eby Creek Road Water System Improvement Phase I were passed before the Eby Creek Road Improvements project update was provided. This is projected to start on July 8 and is working through some budget issues.

Discussion items included planning a visit to the High Altitude Aviation Training Site and the board agreeing that retaining City Market remains the highest priority from the goal-setting session. A trailhead bathroom and fees/use taxes were discussed as possible future agenda items before adjournment.

If you want to be there for the next adjournment, mark your schedule for Tuesday, May 14, at 5 p.m. for a site tour of the Kum & Go land use file or 6 p.m. for the start of the regular meeting.

To confirm these times, sign up for the town’s emails, or if you’re interested why this trustee voted no on a bike trail, check out my personal blog at http://www.brandion

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Eagle Trustee Brandi Resa’s column does not reflect the views of other Town Board members.

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