Eagle Valley Land Trust’s EverGreen Ball supports conservation mission

Scott Conklin
Trust Our Land
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“There is no harm in repeating a good thing,” Plato said. We at the Eagle Valley Land Trust couldn’t agree more, and that’s why for this year’s EverGreen Ball we are bringing Jungle Jack Hanna back to the Vilar Performing Arts Center this Saturday. Jungle Jack is the host of TV programs including “Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild” and “Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures.”

Hanna will bring numerous exotic animals to the Vilar stage to excite and inspire audiences of all ages. Guests of the EverGreen Ball last year were wowed by live animals from every corner of the globe, including a sloth, a honey badger, a penguin, twin baby snow leopards and a cheetah. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just ask last year’s attendees.

“A lot of fundraisers will offer you champagne, but this is the first one that I was petting a honey badger at the same time!” said local nurse Holly Velvis.

“This isn’t just another Vilar show,” said Land Trust board member Andie Bombard. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience. To see these majestic creatures in the flesh and hear Jack’s stories from around the globe stirs deep emotions in anyone”.

“‘Into the Wild’ at the EverGreen Ball was the most eclectic and unique fundraiser I saw in the Vail Valley last year,” said Marisa Selvy, owner of Crazy Mountain Brewery.

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“My kids didn’t stop talking about it nonstop for months,” said Jodi Teague, a bookkeeper and local soccer mom. “They still bring it up, and we’re going again this year.”

The Land Trust’s mission

The EverGreen Ball supports the conservation mission of Eagle Valley Land Trust. Founded in 1981, we are dedicated to preserving the character of our community one acre at a time. Since the last EverGreen Ball we have added 725 acres of conservation areas, along with 825 acres of new national forest land in our community as part of the Eagle Valley Land Exchange. We work with local youth in our “Future Conservationist Program” to educate the next generation about the importance of environmental protection, and we work with landowners and developers to ensure our growth in Eagle County does not compromise the value and beauty of our valley. Past EverGreen Balls have discussed global energy policy and Colorado’s new green energy economy. While this year’s ball might seem more whimsical at first blush, it still carries a powerful message. We have wonderful and awe inspiring animals and wildlife habitats, which are worth protecting. Take up that cause by supporting the Land Trust through the EverGreen Ball.

Tickets to the fifth annual EverGreen Ball are available at the Vilar Performing Arts Center Box Office in Beaver Creek, by phone at 970-845-TIXS or online at Tickets are $75-$125 for adults and $35 for kids. A special family four-pack is available — two adult and two child tickets for $200. We hope you plan to attend Jack Hanna’s “Into the Wild … Live!” this Saturday to support local land conservation in your community.

Scott Conklin is projects manager for the Eagle Valley Land Trust. For more information about the Land Trust and its mission, or to find out more about Jack Hanna’s appearance at The EverGreen Ball, call 970-748-7654 or visit

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