In Eagle County, girls run the Girl PowHER world |

In Eagle County, girls run the Girl PowHER world

Special to the Daily/Betty Ann Woodland

On Thursday afternoon, at the new Maya restaurant in the Westin Riverfront Resort, luncheon attendees caught a glimpse of the potential of motivated young women in Eagle County.

The Youth Foundation’s Girl PowHER coordinator Anne-Marie Desmond said, “Girl PowHER unleashes individual potential and empowers girls to find the strength within to believe in themselves. Promoting positive self-image, Girl PowHER fosters a supportive environment through a combination of girls-only activities, creating a new culture of fit, confident, self-reliant young women.”

The middle and high school participants took part in career and life skills workshops that introduced them to local professional women and mentors.Two role models that acted as MCs were Martha Brassel and Tricia Swenson, who introduced the young ladies in a fashion show that highlighted pieces from Perch, Laurie O’Connell’s women’s clothing store in Vail.

When introducing volunteer Tricia Swenson, The Youth Foundation’s Susie Davis commented on her abilities, “If I were to describe Tricia’s strengths they would be absolutely adaptable … and always having a sense of humor.”

Davis had words for Brassel as well, “Martha has served on the board of The Youth Foundation and has been a long time supporter… the list of her strengths is long, and, I would say that, number one is a heart of compassion.”

Brassel then chimed in with kudos for Swenson with, “I do have to speak to her adaptability. I don’t know if you have ever seen the costume changes that this women does, but most of them happen in her car. So, (she is the) most adaptable, well-dressed person that I know.”

TV 8’s Swenson confirmed there could be up to four clothing changes a day.

The MCs introduced the girls and spoke to their dreams and plans for the future. The girls expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to be part of the PowHER UP for Success program. They talked about working on resumes, job hunting and dropping off applications. Other highlights for Girl PowHER participants were working with artist Britten, who helped them create sand mandalas, and doing yoga with several instructors in the valley.

Girl PowHER is a project of the Vail Valley Foundation’s Youth Foundation. For more information, visit

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