Vail Daily column: Embrace the opportunity |

Vail Daily column: Embrace the opportunity

Sarah Franke
Vail Chamber

As I sit here this morning and reflect upon potential topics to write about, several obvious options come to mind. With contention and unrest occurring all around us as of late, it is easy to have your attention naturally drawn to those topics. However, with all that is occurring, in my opinion these are the times it is most important to focus on the good and on the positive. And these are the times to embrace the opportunity to share that focus with others.

Abundance of Good

As businesses operating in the Vail Valley, we are fortunate enough to be presented with an abundance of good to share and opportunities to do so. We just need to remain vigilant of not letting them pass us by.

This week, I was reminded of that important fact as I responded to an online guest review. Unfortunately, this guest did not have a positive experience. And though as a business you try to avoid such a guest experience at all costs, it does happen to all of us from time to time. All you can do is apologize and learn from what occurred to do better and to be better in the future — and I learned a lot from this particular guest.

Benefits of Reaching Out

As I reached out I began to learn more about her. I learned that she was in town on a much needed vacation. I learned that she worked long hours and long weeks and she and her family were in Vail to take a break from it all. I also learned she was celebrating her birthday on this trip. However, most importantly I learned that all of these things would have gone without notice had she not provided us with a review and had I not followed up with her after she did so. We had missed the opportunity.

Guests come to Vail and to our businesses for a wide variety of reasons and from a wide array of places — stretching from faraway countries to our local Vail Valley neighborhoods. Regardless of reason, with each guest we as a business community are afforded an incredible opportunity to impact their day in a positive way. For visiting guests, an even greater opportunity to impact their stay and shape their experience in and memories of Vail. And the best part, it is easy. It doesn’t take a major act or some over the top event. It is as simple as taking the time to make a connection. Whether welcoming a guest with a warm greeting, providing tips on local events or merely striking up a conversation, it does not matter — just engage, make the connection and be grateful to be a part of their Vail experience and for the daily opportunity to share the good.

Embracing that opportunity to impact our guests’ experiences and share the good should be an integral part of all Vail Valley businesses as it is a unique gift to be able to do so and an important part of what continues to bring our guests back to Vail. Remain vigilant of it and remind your staff to remain vigilant as well. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Sarah Franke is director of marketing for Group 970 Restaurants. She is a member of the Vail Chamber & Business Association board of directors. If you are interested in finding out more about the Vail Chamber & Business Association, what we have to offer businesses, further details on membership or to receive the weekly newsletter, email us at or call 970-754-0075.

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