Vail Daily column: Great organizations must continually improve |

Vail Daily column: Great organizations must continually improve

Recently, I received a mailer from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder outlining how they remain committed to excellence and thought leadership and how their various efforts lead to student success.

Reading the information, it became apparent that we are similar here at Vail Valley Partnership. Paraphrasing the Leeds School mailer, they believe that great organizations — such as Vail Valley Partnership — must continue to prove themselves to our members and to the community. Previous success in today’s marketplace isn’t necessarily a clear indicator of future success. While the Leeds School is focused on student success, we’re focused on business success. While their programs are centered on academic programs, we’re focused on providing resources and tools to support our business community.

And much like the Leeds School of Business, we believe that great organizations must continue to improve and can’t rest on their laurels. At Vail Valley Partnership, we believe that well-functioning communities don’t happen by accident. Resilient and consistently high performing communities require the engagement of high performing leaders to push beyond the status quo. Membership — and engagement in our programming — can be a component of your continued community support.

For those not familiar with the partnership, our day-to-day activities consist of connecting people to resources and entities to build community resilience and conditions favorable to business success. We strengthen regional economic vitality through our programs and efforts. Vail Valley Partnership is uniquely positioned to actively engage entities throughout the valley and state of Colorado in order to strengthen our community through our economic development, regional chamber of commerce and destination marketing efforts.

The partnership recognizes that our community is made up of several unique municipalities and a number of unincorporated areas; however, we are interconnected from a business standpoint and a community viewpoint. Every effort is made to be collaborative in our programming and to offer benefits that help businesses and communities succeed.

Member businesses have access to business tools and resources including; marketing benefits, discounted advertising opportunities, networking events, educational programming, member discounts and savings and more. We provide these benefits to help our member businesses succeed and thrive in the Vail Valley.

We are the only organization promoting the entire Vail Valley (from east Vail to Gypsum) via group and leisure sales efforts, production of Visit Vail Valley, The Official Visitor’s Guide to the Vail Valley, our tourism website, and year-round online booking engine, We help increase awareness of the Vail Valley throughout the region and state, benefiting organizations and businesses in our community.

The partnership leads regional economic development in a greater effort to foster long-term economic health for Eagle County. We look to increase county-wide retention of workforce and recruit sustainable new business. We provide relevant economic data and analysis, offer economically focused programming and promote relationship building between governments and the private sector.

We are happy to announce that in 2015, we are rolling out new and improved membership opportunities that allow our members to better engage in our community programs, destination marketing efforts, and business-to-business tools. Tiers of membership are available ranging from $10,000 to $250 in order to meet the needs and goals of organizations of all sizes and scopes. We’ll even be offering a complimentary business listing in our online business directory to all Vail Valley businesses, regardless of membership status, because we believe that this will better meet the needs of visitors and others searching for businesses within the valley.

Membership Benefits

Membership in Vail Valley Partnership allows your business to be an active part in:

• Generating positive economic conditions in Eagle County through implementation of the Economic Development Plan — a plan that will deliver a network of community business support resources to retain and grow existing businesses — and an outward facing marketing strategy to attract additional business development.

• Represent Eagle County stakeholders and business community interests to regional and statewide organizations and provide local facilitation of economic development activities.

• Forge strong relationships between the various segments, both geographic and within key industries, among the business community and stakeholders.

• Provide economic information (research) to stakeholders to assist in data driven decision-making.

• Drive destination overnight visitation via our group sales and participatory sporting event recruitment efforts.

• Promote all communities in the Vail Valley through, including a valley-wide regionally focused calendar of events, and through Visit Vail Valley — The Official Visitors Guide to the Vail Valley.

• Promote your business as an engaged community stakeholder via destination marketing, chamber of commerce programming and economic development efforts to build your brand in the community.

We welcome our returning members and look forward to welcoming those who have not historically been engaged in our efforts. We all must continue to improve ourselves and in doing so, we hope that your business will choose to be an active and engaged partner in an greater effort to help ensure continued success throughout the Vail Valley.

Chris Romer is president and CEO of Vail Valley Partnership.

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