Vail Daily column: It’s never too late |

Vail Daily column: It’s never too late

One of the toughest situations that ever happens to any traveler, especially someone traveling frequently on business, is when they arrive at the airport too late and miss their flight. Whether it was traffic, weather or just plain old bad planning and tardiness, upon arrival they find that the airplane has still taken off without them.

Has that ever happened to you? It has happened to me, and for all of the reasons mentioned above.

So here’s the thing — we may have been late for that particular flight, but usually there is a later flight that same day or a flight out the next morning. It’s late, but in most cases it’s never really too late.


You see it really is never too late, not unless we allow it to be.

There have been so many times when I have found myself in conversations with friends, family members, customers, business owners and sales people. And over the years I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say, with a bit of disappointment and too much “quit” in their voice, “I missed my opportunity; it’s too late.”

Too late for what?

Maybe it is too late for someone with a quitter’s mentality or for someone who only sees what’s behind them and not what’s in front of them. But it’s never too late for anyone who looks at each and every situation and only sees potential and opportunity.

It’s also never too late for anyone who has had a dream, a vision or a goal to accomplish something. How many stories have we heard or read about where a someone has learned a new language, went back to school, jumped out of an airplane, started playing an instrument, opened a business or any number of other amazingly fulfilled dreams.


I remember a time when I was coaching a young salesman. We were debriefing a meeting he had just had with a prospective customer and he was completely dejected. As I asked more about what happened he shared that he had made some rookie mistakes, made his presentation too soon and didn’t even ask for the business. He said, “It’s too late. I lost this one.”

Then I asked him if he knew for sure that the prospect had made a decision to go with another vendor. He shared with me that they had not and that there were a few more vendors left to make their presentation. I encouraged him to reach out again, share his concerns about what he did wrong and just be honest and sincere in asking for one more chance. In the end it wasn’t too late — the prospect allowed him to come back in and he actually won the business.

How many relationships, even marriages, ended because someone thought it was too late. Is it really too late to do the little romantic things that used to be done, too late to show a little more affection, too late to say “I love you,” too late to forgive or too late to be forgiven?


You see it really is never too late, not unless we allow it to be. We can turn away from the airport and not take that trip, we can give up on any prospective sale or opportunity and we can choose to walk away from a relationship. We can do any of those things if that’s what we really want. But if we choose not to, all we have to do is change our thinking from, “It’s too late,” to “It’s never too late.”

How about you? Is it too late for you or are you just getting started? I would love to hear all about what your next pursuit will be at And when we look at life at any point as if we were just getting started and it really is never too late, it will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach, motivational speaker and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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