Vail Daily column: Teamwork accelerates success

While I was facilitating a team meeting earlier this week, the people in the room had an “a-ha” moment that will change the course and culture of the company and also accelerate their success.

It wasn’t anything so profound, it was simply just a realization that they could accomplish more as a team than they ever could possibly do as individuals. Another one of those common sense things that are not always common practice.

This was a group of high-achieving and high-performing individuals. And since they were seen as the superstars of the company, they behaved in the same way. Egos were getting in the way of taking the team and the company to a higher level. I reminded them that even in the all-star games of professional sports, the players playing at the pinnacle of their game come together for one game and play for a common cause — a win.

This is not an uncommon situation, and as a matter of fact, I find it to be true with small businesses and large companies alike. I see it in associations and organizations of all kinds. And I have witnessed it with families and in churches. You see we can all benefit from finding the resources and people in our lives that can help us achieve success. Even the individual who struggles through difficult times or fights their way through incredible opportunities presented to them could benefit so much by leveraging the people in their lives that could absolutely lend a hand, give advice or just listen to the ideas and goals.

Here’s the thing, sometimes some of us worry so much about perception that we are afraid to engage others for the fear of feeling like we are not smart enough or strong enough to handle the situation or opportunity on our own. So in the face of feeling embarrassed, we go it alone. If we would only learn to lean on our families, friends and/or other people we already know or could be introduced to, then we can truly accelerate our successes in life.

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Take the time to think about an event or potential opportunity that has already taken place in your life where the outcome wasn’t exactly what you had hoped for. Now think about the people in your life that could have made a difference in that outcome. What if you had assembled a team or small group to help you, maybe even just one other individual that could have provided an assist, do you think that the outcome could have been improved?

How about you? Do you like to go it alone or do you believe that teamwork could accelerate success? Either way I would love to hear all about it at And when we come together for the greater good or a common cause, it really will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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