Vail Daily column: The two most important words in business |

Vail Daily column: The two most important words in business

We’re all busy. Everyone is focused on doing their thing — much of which has a positive impact on others. We focus on moving forward, we relentlessly strive to reach our goals, focusing our efforts on providing the very best guest service and top-notch experience to our visitors. Most everyone is giving it all to their families, their jobs, and here in Colorado, to their recreational pursuits.

We’re so busy, moving from one project to the next or one activity to the next, that we often forget to say thank you. In our frantic pursuit of achieving our personal and professional goals, sometimes we forget to take a moment to say two of the most impactful words in business: “Thank you.”

A quick thank you goes a long way. With that, thank you.

Thank you, Visitors

Thank you to our visitors for choosing the Vail Valley for their vacation over all the other possible vacation destinations. We recognize that you have a plethora of great places to spend your discretionary dollars, and we thank you for making the choice to stay with us. We welcome you with open arms and we hope you come back soon.

Thank you, Employees

Thank you to our front-line employees for working hard to make our businesses operate at peak efficiency. Your efforts in opening our storefronts, providing excellent levels of guest service, making recommendations and providing a welcoming smile to our visitors help to make the Vail Valley a top destination and encourages repeat visitation from our guests.

Thank you, Kids

Thank you to our kids for keeping us grounded. Our kids probably make us better bosses and better employees by teaching us essential skills including patience and understanding.

Thank you, Schools

Thank you to our school system for educating our children and preparing the workforce for the future. There might not be a more important role than our teachers, staff and administration at our public and private schools that spend their days teaching our children and providing opportunities for our kids to learn and grow.

Thank you to Colorado Mountain College in Edwards for being an essential part of our community and for the role they play in providing opportunities to achieve higher education in our backyard. We’re fortunate to have this institution.

Thank you, Families

Thank you to our partners and spouses for their patience. Life in the Vail Valley isn’t often a 9-5 job — our economic drivers of tourism and recreation and health and wellness often require flexible schedules, after-hours events and various volunteer activities. These programs and activities help make our community great and we couldn’t do it without understanding partners at home.

Thank you, Nonprofits

Thank you to our nonprofit entities for all they give through their service efforts. We should really consider calling these organizations “for causes” as they are for creating essential services and for providing opportunities within our communities. We are home to so many wonderful for-cause organizations that help others.

Thank you, Public Servants

Thank you to our public servants (a group we often forget to thank) for keeping our roads maintained, our parks cleaned and our buses running on schedule. Our special district, local government and county employees go above and beyond to provide service you’d never expect from government. They work on our behalf with little recognition and deserve a pat on the back.

Thank you, Property Owners Association

Thank you to our property owners association and volunteer board members for taking time away from their family in an effort to improve their communities. These under-the-radar groups help maintain our communities and run our for-cause organizations, volunteering their time and expertise because they want to give back and be involved.

Thank you, Bosses

Thank you to our bosses for providing an opportunity to provide (hopefully meaningful) work. The economy continues to show improvement and our measureables continue to improve. We recognize that the quality of life we all strive for starts with a good job. Good jobs start with vibrant businesses and bosses who understand that are abundant in our community.

Thank you, Vail Valley Partnership

Last and certainly not least, thank you to the members of Vail Valley Partnership. On behalf of the team at the VVP, we are honored and pleased to have the opportunity to support local businesses, unite key stakeholders and to lead collaborative efforts throughout the community. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your interests and promote your businesses in our daily work.

“Thank you.” Just two words and an incredibly powerful statement that we should all find time to use more often in our busy schedules. Take a moment to thank someone today.

Chris Romer is president and CEO of the Vail Valley Partnership.

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