Vail Daily health column: Keep your cool using Ayurvedic suggestions |

Vail Daily health column: Keep your cool using Ayurvedic suggestions

Julia Clarke
Dann Coffey | Special to the Daily | 970-926-9424

I was offering ayurvedic wellness consultations at the recent Vail Resorts Employee Health Fair, talking to locals about natural methods to stay healthy and eat for their body type. Over and over again, I heard the same complaint: “I’ve been feeling so hot this summer!” Even though our summers may not be considered oppressively hot by Midwestern standards, these peak temperatures of July can feel aggravating in a community where we usually opt for hiking or biking over lounging by the pool.

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian tradition of holistic medicine, is particularly concerned with how season and climate can affect physiological imbalance, and it offers seasonal routines called “ritucharya“ to keep us in balance. Summer, known as “pitta season” in ayurveda, can elicit physical and emotional heat, which can range from inflammation and a short temper to hyper acidity and total burn out.


Ayurveda suggests reducing spicy, oily and aged foods at this time and adding in these easily available foods and practices to stay cool, calm and energized this summer:

Sweet, juicy fruits: The sweet taste is one of the most pacifying for our bodies in the summer heat, but instead of reaching for the ice cream, stock up on the ripe seasonal berries, cherries and watermelon. Ayurveda doesn’t recommend mixing fruit with other food groups, so enjoy these as breakfast or snacks.

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Bitter greens: The bitter taste is also balancing for our bodies when we are governed by the sun, which may explain why we often crack open a cold beer! For a healthier option, you can enjoy leafy greens like kale, radicchio, endive, arugula and dandelion greens mixed into your salads, as well as asparagus on the grill.

Cooling herbs: Cilantro, parsley, fennel, and mint are the number one cooling herbs. These can also be mixed in with your salads, or you can add them to boiled water and allow it to cool for a delicious cooling tea to sip throughout the afternoon.

Coconut: If you’ve been to India, then you’ve seen coconut vendors on every street and corner. Coconut and all its derivatives are perfect for keeping you cool under heat. You can eat the meat, drink coconut water to replenish electrolytes and even give yourself a coconut oil body massage in the morning (finish with a cool shower).

Rose: The scent of rose has been known to bring me back from the brink of rage on a hot day. I like to add a few drops of rose oil to water in a spray bottle and carry it with me for a facial misting during a hot hike. If you get stuck without your spray bottle, just stop and smell the roses.

Julia Clarke teaches vinyasa flow yoga and anjali restorative yoga , is the yoga director at the Vail Vitality Center and is a certified ayurvedic wellness consultant. Visit http://www.friendly to learn more.

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