Congressional candidate Mitsch Bush is intelligent, and un-bought (letter) |

Congressional candidate Mitsch Bush is intelligent, and un-bought (letter)

It is, finally, clear to me that the Koch brothers are the power behind most of the anti-environment, water-wasting, pro-fossil fuels and chemicals propaganda that affects congressional voting. I have become aware that any Republican who goes up against them does so at his/her own peril.

From all I’ve read of congressional votes (mostly Republican), it seems they have little courage or inclination to speak for the environment. No wonder so many of us are sick of our government. It has been bought. Get out there and vote in the primary, June 26, or send in your ballot, which will be in the mail soon.

If you are in the half of Eagle County in the Third Congressional District, vote for effective, decent, intelligent, un-bought Diane Mitsch Bush, who will truly represent the land and people of Western Colorado.

Katherine Delanoy


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