Curious how local faith leaders respond to actions of some of the clergy in the Catholic Church (letter) |

Curious how local faith leaders respond to actions of some of the clergy in the Catholic Church (letter)

I have read with great sadness the current actions of some of the clergy in the Catholic Church. This should never been tolerated by anyone, less a clergy member who has garnered the respect and trust of a church member and, more importantly at times, a child. I can in no way condone and believe actions and serious ones should be taken against those found liable for these crimes.

However, I cannot read and learn what has been done and use these reasons to forego my faith in the Lord. I would be remiss if I did not believe he is saddened deeply by these accusations and confirmations. These actions, however, can and will not in any way negate my faith in the Lord. Faith is not something that comes and goes like the wind, whether it is an ill wind or beautiful breeze. It is a belief that one holds dearly, and the direction of the latest fad does not alter one’s belief.

I have seen numerous reporters (usually cable news types) who can’t get enough of this story. Mind you, there are many of these who share the belief in the Catholic religion (e.g. Chris Cuomo and Chris Matthews, etc.), yet nary once have I heard those denouncing the actions of the clergy, while reaffirming their faith in the Church or Lord. Perhaps that faith was not present to begin with. Not passing judgment, just a thought.

The Vail Daily has clergy (e.g. Dr. Jack Van Ens, Dan Matney, Ethan Moore) writing columns and letters regularly demeaning much of what is wrong in the world, why politics and certain politicians are the cause, but I have yet to see them broach this topic. I wonder why? Their insight, truth and views from their sect and person would be a very interesting frame of reference to a severe situation.

I am very interested and curious how they handle these sorts of allegations and situations in their congregations and how they might be helpful to a problem that is plaguing religions worldwide. Thank you.

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Robert J Graff

Highland Beach, Florida

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