D’Agostino: Why I’m running for Eagle Town Council

Robert D'Agostino
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Robert D'Agostino is running as a write-in candidate for the Eagle Town Council.
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My name is Robert D’Agostino. You might recognize me from my volunteer work at Eagle Ranch Golf Course (where I pass out buckets of balls), Eagle Community Gardens (where I mow the lawn) and as a red coat ambassador at Beaver Creek.

I’m a retired U.S. Navy SEAL (20 years) and the only person to ever receive all four U.S. Navy Warfare Pins.

After missions as a SEAL, we did After Action Reports to assess the success of the mission and determine how we could do it better. I’d like to do an assessment on the new art in front of Alpine Lumber after learning that $474,065 has been spent so far on it, and it doesn’t quite cover up or draw attention away from what I think it’s supposed to. 

In addition, Eagle River Park has cost $6,714,000 so far, yet I haven’t seen an accounting of any revenue it brings in, and I haven’t seen many people using it. I wonder if the Town Council considered putting in fishing improvements instead since fishing contributes $1.9 billion to the Colorado economy.

Mostly I’d like the Average Joe here to know what’s going on with all these development decisions happening here in Eagle, and how critical infrastructure seems to be missing — we’re looking at issues with parking, traffic flow, water rights, a disintegrating iconic elk herd, and potential evacuation problems if there’s a disaster like the car-sparked wildfire last month at Wolcott.

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After serving in the U.S. Navy I worked 10 years in sales for a nationwide steel building company, and I have experience with building codes in all 50 states, and all that entails, which will be helpful for considering the many development issues the Town Council faces.

Tom Olden and I are running as write-In candidates and we will listen to you. We want to hear what you have to say.  Tom brings nearly three decades of working and business-ownership here in Eagle and has a vast knowledge of local issues and their history. We will work together to keep the quality of life we moved to Eagle for, for the long-term.

Please remember that since we’re write-in candidates, you must write our names in on the ballot.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

Robert D’Agostino is running as a write-in candidate for one of three open seats on the Eagle Town Council in the Nov. 7 election.

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