Debt on top of debt not a solution for Eagle-Vail (letter) |

Debt on top of debt not a solution for Eagle-Vail (letter)

Dear Eagle-Vail electorate: As a Metro District candidate and previous board member (2004 -2012), I want you to know I am not a tax-and-spend good old boy.

When we passed bonds to build the pool and fix the golf course, we waited until old bonds were paid off and used new bonds at lower rates to make these improvements. We did not add on debt on top of debt. I am very budget conscious and won’t spend money we are not capable of repaying.

With our financial expert Ken Marchetti guiding us, we have made solid financial decisions that allow Eagle-Vail to have the best amenities in the best location in the valley.

Making decisions to pay for the upkeep and deferred maintenance of the facilities is a little tougher because there needs to be a dedicated budget item that saves the money for the use of upkeep only. Revenue streams are always under attack to use elsewhere, but replacement reserves should be one of the first to be funded. We have been able to find the money in the past and will again. Please cast a vote for Bob Finlay, Eagle-Vail Metro Board.

Bob Finlay


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