Democracy in America is in decline, and we have Trump to blame (letter) |

Democracy in America is in decline, and we have Trump to blame (letter)

Gun control, Russia probe, immigration, border wall — oh where to start.

Democracy in America is in decline under the current presidency. All of the negativity and fear is increased each day with the crazy rhetoric from the President of the United States. We haven’t been this divided since 1968. We haven’t experienced anything like this since Watergate. That pales in comparison to this President Donald Trump circus.

I am a believer in the Christian faith, but when my Christian friends are still standing behind this morally bankrupt, pathological liar, sexist, racist president and refuse to hear and see the truth in front of their eyes, it’s a very sad state of affairs.

I keep praying that they will turn their TV channel to some other news besides the Fox News station, which promotes only Trump’s agenda. President Trump is getting exactly what he wants: to divide the country and turn it into a dictatorship. He does not care about the elderly, the poor or the minority in our country. It’s all about the money and making the wealthy folks wealthier.

The comparison of him and his family to the Romanov family is right on. He has taken no steps to deal with the interference by the Russians into our 2016 elections. He refuses to impose the sanctions on Russia.

What does this tell you people? The only hope that I can see is the young people who are now speaking out about their classmates being murdered with assault-style weapons. Thank God they will be able to vote in a few years, but do we have to put up with all the lies and destruction of our country for three more years?

These wonderful, intelligent, articulate young people have grown up with fear, the opposite of faith. They have more common sense and intelligence in their little fingers than this president does in his entire body. This is an extremely sad state of affairs.

Please, Republicans, wake up to the reality of what this reality TV star is doing to our country. I care not what party you are affiliated with — Democrat, Republican, Independent — it matters not. What matters is our country.

You have been duped, led astray by this man, who has filed bankruptcy six times, who is in debt to Russia because the American banks won’t loan him any more money, and when it’s all said and done, whether Robert Mueller finds Trump guilty or innocent, he has destroyed so many of our good institutions in America and disgraced the presidency of the United States and is destroying our standing in the world.

I’m so sorry that I have had to distance myself from my fellow believers, as the frustration is all too much for me. I have never been political in my life, but I perhaps have only a few years left on the planet and I want to do as much as I can, as long as I can, to try to save our country from total destruction of all of our values.

I am a mother of four, grandmother of five and I pray each day for my grandchildren to still be able in live in a democracy 20 years from now. God bless America.

Linda Carr


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