Democrats don’t focus on values and policies because many don’t like Dems’ solutions (letter) |

Democrats don’t focus on values and policies because many don’t like Dems’ solutions (letter)

I compliment Stuart Epstein for his recent letter to the editor imploring Democrats to stop personal attacks on President Trump and focus instead on their values and policies (“Democrats should communicate values,” Friday, Oct. 19). He cites this advice as proffered by very conservative “Morning Joe” Scarborough.

Mr. Epstein should be reminded of a couple of things. First, only a New York liberal would consider Morning Joe to be “very conservative.” He’s not even close. Second, Democrats don’t focus on values and policies because swing voters, who may determine the election, don’t like their policy solutions.

Among the Democrats’ proposals are to impeach President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh. They plan to increase personal and corporate tax rates, bring back the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and cut the estate tax deduction in half. They have an immigration plan that includes abolishing ICE, and many in the party favor more open borders. Last but not least is the free stuff that only Democrats think comes without cost. This includes free college ($75 billion), universal basic income ($564 billion) and, the mother of all giveaways, Medicare-for-all ($32.6 trillion) — yes, that’s trillion with a “T.”

With the prospect of impeachment hearings and endless committee investigations, reversal of the fiscal policies and deregulation which has produced the strongest economy in a decade, a Swiss cheese approach to illegal immigration and a mountain of red ink and tax increases to pay for their “free” stuff, no wonder democrats focus on personal attacks rather than policy solutions.

Jeff Miller


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