Do we have more in common than we think? I think there’s a lot we still disagree on (letter) |

Do we have more in common than we think? I think there’s a lot we still disagree on (letter)

In the Friday, Oct. 26, New York Times, columnist Roger Cohen traveled across Colorado talking to people. The takeaway from his piece is we have more in common than we think.

I disagree.

They don’t believe in climate change, I do.

They want to bring prayer back in schools; they want a Christian nation. I’m a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

They want to legislate a woman’s body. I’m pro-abortion rights, and believe that forcing a woman to have a baby is torture.

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They blew up health care.

Obamacare was working great for us. Now, I can’t afford to go to the doctor because our deductible is so high.

They support a man who I think is a traitor.

They want to keep investing in oil and gas; I want to invest in alternative energy. Where they see fracking rigs, I see solar and wind power.

They want to put up a wall. One of my favorite albums, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” is about tearing down walls.

They don’t believe in public education; in fact, they want to defund it to the point that public schools will be a warehouse for kids with differences and those who didn’t win the charter school lottery. I want to invest in public education.

They want to keep polluting our air, water and land. I want clean air and water. I want pure soil, free of chemicals.

They took away the tax credit for electric cars. I think it should be doubled.

They made a tax break for the wealthy. I want a tax break that’ll help me and lower-income people.

They believe in nationalism. I believe in sharing information and resources with other countries.

They’re about making it harder to vote. I’m about making it easier to vote.

They’ve convinced millions of Americans there’s no truth. I believe there’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

They’re about more guns. They want teachers to carry guns. I think guns should be harder to come by.

They believe that deregulation is the way to go. I know from years of being in business that regulations are good for business.

So, I ask, what’s there to agree on?

Paul Kulas


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