Don’t just pray about an issue, also make a call to action (letter) |

Don’t just pray about an issue, also make a call to action (letter)

I read Linda Carr’s letter (“Do I still live in America?” Linda Carr, Friday, June 29) with interest because I’m tired of hearing people say, “I’ll pray for — the children taken from their parents — the unarmed person of color shot in the back — the end of the drought — the animals caught in the oil spill.”

Ms. Carr not only prays, but she does something about it. She calls people to action. Almost every one of you reading this has the ability to contact your senator, your representative, government agencies and even the president about the problems this country and the Earth face.

Those of you who are overwhelmed with merely getting through the day and making enough money to feed and clothe your kids are excused. Those of you who are comfortable and have a little time to relax and get on the computer for something else besides purchasing something, try a little activism. Of course, if you are so comfortable you simply don’t care what is going on, what can I say?

Katherine Delanoy


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