Don’t let a handful of voters make the decisions; vote in the primary by June 26 (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

As of Saturday, June 16, only 10 percent of Colorado voters had submitted their ballots for the primary. If you are mailing said ballot, it needs to arrive by Tuesday, June 26, not just be postmarked. And it needs two stamps. If you are delivering by hand, you need to get it in the drop-off box by sometime on the 26th.

Now, why should you vote? Because your choice could have a huge impact come November. Do you care who might become our governor? I favor Jared Polis, but perhaps you don’t. When it comes to our U.S. Representative from Eagle County, it can be confusing, since our county is divided into two Congressional districts.

The town of Eagle is in District 3. We, unfortunately, have Scott Tipton for a U.S. Congressman. I would love to see our really great former State Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush take him on in the fall. But she can’t unless she wins the primary. I don’t know who Vail has, so can’t comment, but it is in the 2nd Congressional District.

If you are confused, get on the computer and find out who is running where you are. Please don’t let 15 percent or 20 percent of the eligible voters make all the decisions. Get your ballot in ASAP.

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Kay Delanoy


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