Dow: How do we know that Mary didn’t wear glasses? |

Dow: How do we know that Mary didn’t wear glasses?

When I was a child, I always dreamed of portraying Mary in the church Christmas pageant. There were two years of age eligibility. The first year the role went to a blond.

My hair was what was referred to as “dishwater blond” — although the dishwater in my sink is rather gray with all sorts of carrot bits and bread crumbs floating in the prolific suds I get with these new ultra dish soaps, and I can guarantee that even on my worst “bad hair” day, my hair never resembled dishwater. The second year, Mary was a little round brunette with thick braids, and I never saw this girl in our church after her starring role on Christmas Eve.

Further analyzing the casting problem, it could have been that I was one of the most boisterous children in Sunday School , but at least I was there every week. Secondly, I wore glasses. I actually believe my blue glasses with the sparkles would have given Mary a modern, 20th century makeover; however, the church Christmas pageant authorities did not seize upon that idea. I could have gone without my glasses, but I may have tripped over the manger.

As I sat in church recently at the first mid-week Advent service, I once again reflected on my missed role as Mary. I now have blond hair (not exactly natural), I am quiet in Sunday School, and I wear contact lenses; but I fear there are 50 years between the age of the Holy Mother and that of the aspiring actress.

Should I have the responsibility of choosing a “Mary,” she will be an unruly child with a chipped front tooth, wearing glasses, and I am sure everyone will be touched by the radiance of the girl who was picked to portray God’s handmaiden.

Marie Dow has been sashaying between Little Rock, Avon and Missouri for many years, mainly chasing music, good snow and fine living. She recently taught at Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait. Her latest noble profession is confirmed ski bum and aspiring trout bum if COVID-19 continues.

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