Dylan Roberts continues to prove his commitment to the residents of District 26 (letter)

I hope you will join me in supporting Dylan Roberts to continue representing House District 26: Eagle County and Routt County.

Dylan grew up in Routt County, and now he lives and works in Eagle County, where he serves all of us not only as our State Representative but also by keeping us safe as a Deputy District Attorney for Eagle County. He has deep roots here and is committed to protecting and improving the quality of life in the communities he loves.

An important issue that Dylan continues to fight for is better accessibility and affordability of health insurance to residents of our mountain towns. He has a proven record of bipartisan work on this issue. For example, he wrote a bill that would bring more competition to the insurance market, secured bipartisan sponsorship and passed it through the House. He is committed to working on this until we get real results because for too many of us, the cost of health insurance is prohibitive to living in Eagle County.

Dylan will work hard to lower drug costs, protect our environment and create more economic opportunities in Eagle County and across western Colorado. The position of State Representative is an important one. Sending leaders to Denver who are prepared to work immediately and sweat the details is crucial, and Dylan is ready to do that job.

As evidenced by his many town halls, public forums and involvement in community activities and events, Dylan continues to prove his commitment to the residents of District 26. Let’s send him back to the Colorado State Legislature so he can keep fighting for us!

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Cathy Vaughan-Grabowski


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