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Dylan Roberts has spirit to tackle Colorado’s health care issues (letter)

Dylan Roberts has the spirit we need

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I am supporting Dylan Roberts for State Representative for Eagle County (https://leg.colorado.gov/legislators/dylan-roberts) because of his policies and positions on all the issues that are so very important to all Coloradans. Dylan Roberts has the spirit of working hard to make life better and the youth and energy we need.

Roberts will work hard for the most important issue for many of us here in Eagle County: the cost of health care and health insurance. Eagle County has some of the highest health insurance premiums in the entire state of Colorado. Dylan Roberts has already been working at the Capital to reduce the cost of health insurance by creating a public option or a health insurance co-op and to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

I never had health insurance, living here in the Vail Valley, since 1984, until I was 65 (at which time I celebrated to be on Medicare). I always worked two to three part-time jobs to survive and always had to have roommates. I’m sure my story is very much like so many of you.

A family of four in this valley pays at least $1,800 a month for health insurance coverage. A man owning his own business with only a few employees cannot afford to give his workers health insurance.

Another slant on this story is that, if Medicare/Medicaid is cut, this will also affect the livelihood of this family, as many of their patients are on Medicare or Medicaid. We need Dylan, with his stamina, youth and experience, to fight for affordable health care in Eagle County.

During Roberts’ first legislative session to the State House, he has passed six bills, and every single one of them was bipartisan. He has and will continue to work on making our mountain life more affordable, fight for our teachers and students, improve our rural economy and protect the natural beauty of our mountains.

Dylan will work to cut child care costs and increase access to affordable housing and is committed to investing monies to fix our roads and reduce Interstate 70 traffic.

Dylan is a local Coloradan, born and raised in Routt County, who now lives in Avon and is personally familiar with the challenges Colorado now faces. Dylan Roberts has my vote for State Representative in House District 26 this election and, I hope, your vote also.

Linda Carr


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