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Eagle County Democrats: Vote ‘yes’ on Eagle County Ballot Questions 1A and 1B

Joy Harrison
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Joy Harrison
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The Eagle County Democratic Party supports ballot questions 1A and 1B this year, and we encourage you to vote “yes” on both. Last month, we conducted a survey of our Central Committee and a quorum agreed that both measures align well with our party’s values and deserve our endorsement.

Yes on 1A — The need in our community for mental health services is dire. This small tax on retail marijuana purchases only, paid in large part by tourism, will jumpstart an integrated behavioral health system that ensures anyone with needs in this community gets the appropriate care and services they need. Immediately, the projected revenue raised will:

• Add mental-health treatment counselors to area schools where there are currently none;

• Add mental-health counselors to the county jail, where 70 percent of the inmates are on psychotropic drugs;

Increase mental health walk-in clinic hours where hours are now limited.

This is not a partisan issue. It is up to all of us to confront the growing mental-health and substance-abuse crisis in our community.

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Yes on 1B — A yes vote on 1B will permit Eagle County to provide broadband services (high-speed internet, cable TV and telecommunications) in public or private partnerships to residents of unincorporated Eagle County. This would allow Eagle County to opt out of Senate Bill 152, which shortsightedly banned local governments from providing these services. Dozens of local governments across Colorado have passed similar measures.

So, please vote, and remind 10 more people to vote. Yes, it is an off-year election, but your vote can make a real difference. Pledge to turn in your ballot — it’s too late to mail it — and remind family members and friends to do the same.

Joy Harrison is the chairperson of the Eagle County Democratic Party.

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