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Eagle-Vail board must take care in coming committee appointments (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

Has the time finally arrived? Will the Eagle-Vail Metro District board now officially reward intolerance to opposition when they decide who they will appoint to the Finance, Development and Human Relations committees? We shall see.

Just one day after the 2016 Eagle-Vail Metro District candidate forum and 25 full days before the ballots were due, the former district board president, Louise Funk — who has applied to sit on those committeessent out an email to some electors. The document was filled with false statements and harsh innuendo and was clearly intended to affect the outcome of the election. The email also outlined Louise’s strategy to seat her choice (i.e., vote once and only once for her selected candidate to ensure that Eagle-Vail kept moving forward, not backward).

Outed! Is that how you spell it? Someone obviously outed Mrs. Funk because the district’s attorney received a letter from another attorney citing violations of campaign law. A copy of Louise’s email was attached. Candidates and members of the community voiced outrage, but the board was silent — no reprimand, no demand for a written retraction, not even so much as a short discussion to address conduct unbecoming a board director.

It takes time, money, a lot of work and commitment to campaign for the board. The fact that Louise intentionally used her position of trust to critique each candidate and offer advice to electors in such an intolerant and divisive manner must disqualify her from consideration for any committee now or in the future.

Aggie Chastain


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