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Eagle-Vail needs to make commitment to funding community amenities (letter)

No more lack of involvement! It is time Eagle-Vail citizens had a serious conversation about Ame Nity. Ame Nity has resided in Eagle-Vail for years and changed her name long ago due to the odious reputation of her great, great uncle, Frank Nitti. Hey … just fun’in!

When a community finds itself treading down a dangerous path where costs must be cut and new revenue sources (other than more taxes) found in order to keep Ame Nity sustainable, actions can no longer be postponed. When it becomes clear that Ame Nity Satisfaction Syndrome has evolved into Ame Nity Survival Syndrome, it’s time to stop spending precious dollars on more Ame Nity Satiation Surveys.

Dag nab it! If Ame Nity would just start referring to herself as Amenity, a great acronym could be assigned to the syndrome, couldn’t it?

Just a suggestion, but why don’t we make a commitment to take care of Ame Nity as she is and stop all this shopping for more furs, jewelry and makeup for her?

Aggie Chastain


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