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Eagle-Vail will be ‘Better Together’ with new POA board members (letter)

It is hard to miss the numerous smiley face signs that are lining the streets throughout Eagle-Vail’s neighborhoods. These signs are, of course, part of the “Better Together” campaign specifically supporting candidates Lance Richards, Dan Ramker and Joanna Hopkins in the upcoming Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association election. For my family the Smiley Face is a symbol of hope and recognition of all that is great in our little community and that we achieve greater results working together. Many full time residents hope this election will get us back on track to the days of greater investment in our community with a vision and sense of purpose to be a desirable residential community on par with our privileged location between two world class resorts.

It is a fact that many of the improvements and amenities made in the community over the past 10 years are directly attributed to the joint governance of our property association and metro district, the guidance and supervision of a full time in-house community manager and supporting staff, and the involvement of a number of volunteer-based committees with the direct engagement of residents and homeowners. With this structure in place Eagle-Vail made significant progress from 2007 through 2015. It was nothing short of a renaissance that has made a tremendous positive impact upon the community.

New amenities and improvements include a new community pool, a hiking trail, recreation paths, a community garden, an improved and renovated golf course, a new logo and branding platform, new entry monuments, new wayfinding signs, a renovated events pavilion, a new playground at Pavilion Park (renamed Mikaela’s park in 2017), and a new bicycle pump track, to name a few. Collectively, these improvements improved the physical environment, the appearance, and the quality of life for residents, homeowners and businesses. We went from looking like a tired, 40-year-old community with shabby signs and outdated facilities to a nice place with the type of amenities that one would expect for a residential community near world class resorts. How quickly we forget how far we have come.

It is no wonder the recent 2017 amenities survey indicates a high level of satisfaction by the residents of the community. Eagle-Vail today is that much better and a stronger community than it was 10 years ago. For this we need to thank the boards, volunteer committees and individuals who made this all happen over that time period. Unfortunately over the past two years much of the great work has been halted by current board members They have undone the joint governance agreement and have hired a third party management company to provide a much lower level of service in the management our community.

Aptly, the Smiley Face campaign is in place as a reminder of all the great work of our previous boards, and of the time when the community was a more positive, more pragmatic and more inspiring place to live. This election is about hope in the continued renewal and improvement of Eagle-Vail so it can flourish into the future. Make no mistake — the real progress in our community was made from 2007 to 2015 and not under the leadership of our current board and the incumbents seeking re-election. Therefore, I invite all my neighbors to vote for Lance, Dan, and Joanna to get us back on track and moving towards a more positive leadership environment than the past two years.

Pedro Campos

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