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Eagle-Vail’s metro, property owners’ boards need diverse members (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

I am writing concerning the upcoming Eagle-Vail Metro Board Election. Eagle-Vail has two governing groups — the Metro Board and the Property Owners Association — each composed of five elected members. Recently, in the Property Owners Association election, Steve Daniels, Jake Jacobson and Judd Watts were reelected.

I respect the democratic process, so I have no issue with this election. I am, however, concerned that Steve Daniels and Jake Jacobson are now also running for election to the Metro Board. There is no restriction against this in Eagle-Vail, but common sense says that diverse representation is more effective than having the same voices on two separate boards. Even if I were completely in favor of everything Steve Daniels and Jake Jacobson were proposing, I would prefer that they not serve on both of these boards so that we have a balance of power in our community.

Eagle-Vail residents, please vote in the upcoming election, and consider whether you want diverse representation.

Pavan Krueger


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