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East Vail site, even for workforce housing, doesn’t seem quite right (letter)

This doesn’t seem right

The idea that the various entities and people that have owned the ski mountain business in Vail that created the town of Vail and this huge ski development in these here Rocky Mountains forgot that they owned 20 acres of land by the East Vail exit is absurd. It may have got lost in the shuffle of I-70 being created, but from entity to entity, they knew they owned it and were not paying taxes on it. Somehow it got transferred from one owner to the next or perhaps behind the scenes maybe they are fighting about it right now.

So, the town has approved the zoning and some of it is going to be developed now and we are going to pretend that somehow a herd of mountain sheep may get protected. I seem to remember a few years ago when coyotes took down an elk near there and fed on the carcass for what seemed like a long time. Really, a monolithic public housing project with a busy bus stop at that location and you think a herd of mountain sheep can be protected. They did come back though after the berm and gash above the Booth Falls homes was developed a few years back to protect from rocks and snow. A large development here, even for employee housing, does not seem quite right.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado,

Bob Essin

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