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Ah, forget the bucket list

Greg Ziccardi

I’ve always wanted to visit the Canary Islands or maybe wander through Patagonia. I’m not sure why.

The mystery and intrigue of such faraway places is part of the reason, I suppose. When I look on the globe and spot these tiny islands standing alone in the world’s seas or the thought of mountains towering more than 14,000 feet, it makes me wonder what’s going on over there?

Well, it was not so long ago that my energy (and maybe interest) for travel to far and away places diminished just a bit.

Now, I fantasize about more achievable destinations like Notch Mountain in the summer and Outer Mongolia Bowl in the winter.

Although I have seen a lot of things and visited a lot of places in my life, I now find solace in not worrying too much about what I haven’t done. Rather, I concern myself with what I believe I need to do. And curiously, some of these things are really simple.

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For instance, I’m hand writing this on a piece of paper while sitting with both elbows pointed into my chest cavity because two rather large fellows sitting either side of me are invading my space as I fly over middle America on a standing-room-only jet plane (take a breath). My bucket list now includes the purchase of an iPad, like the rest of the students have, and hence forth to fly business class so I can write down random thoughts without cramping up.

How about a bucket list that considers a few things that I haven’t finished before I sign-up for the inaugural expedition to the moon and then have my name on the list as one of the first colonists in Copernicus Crater?

All that effort so my great-great-great,-great-great-grandkids can say, “We were here in 2060. How long you been here?”

No, I think I need to finish one of the three books I’ve started and then I’ll surprise my futuristic relatives with some sort of legacy as an author of the first moon constitution.

Seems like a lot of items on my new bucket list aren’t as romantic as they used to be.

I’m thinking about a new body part before I snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef. I think maybe my knee, hip, lung, liver or kidney has been starved for attention. Or how about I address a tired old body part that just doesn’t work like it used to? It could be my eyes, ears, fingers, teeth, toes or any other thing that comes to mind … and needs some consideration … along with a medical marijuana prescription.

Maybe I want a new career or a new relationship, but keep forgetting to make an effort after taking my medicine.

The more I think about it, the more I think these bucket lists are impossible to maintain in our society because there are just too many variables to consider. It could be age, maturity, wealth, level of stupidity, energy, political affiliation, health and the list goes on.

Therefore, I conclude, that it’s not in anyone’s best interest to create a bucket list because everything that you think you want to do will ultimately change because of the aforementioned variables that also vary on a day-to-day basis.

So I have decided that I don’t need a bucket list. I do, however, chose to create a wish list and check something off every day.

Even if it means just dropping an old bad habit and starting a new one. I’m going to wish my life away.

Greg Ziccardi can be reached at gzvail@yahoo.com.

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