Energy savings profitable

You’ve probably been aware for some time now that making energy-saving improvements to your home can save you money.

Now, those same improvements could potentially make you money when you sell your home.

It stands to reason that if a home is cheaper to operate and more comfortable, then it should be worth more to buyers.

That’s the driving force behind a new cooperative program between the Energy Smart Colorado program and the Eagle County assessor.

‘Self-interest makes some people blind, and others sharp-sighted.’
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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To make it easy for buyers and sellers to identify these homes, Eagle County Assessor Mark Chapin has included an “Energy Smart Home” designation in the county’s property records database.

The Energy Smart logo is prominently displayed so when a broker or buyer examines the property records, they show that the property has achieved an Energy Smart Home designation.

Energy Smart Homes have completed a home energy audit and energy efficiency improvements that reduce energy use and utility costs.

More than 500 homes have already earned the designation in Eagle County. Improvements like air sealing, additional insulation, heating, water heating, and efficient doors and windows are some of the steps that can result in significant savings for owners.

The improvements often pay back the initial expense within two to three years.

At the 156 unit Villas at Brett Ranch, which has earned the Energy Smart designation, heating system improvements and new insulation have saved between 20 and 25 percent on the cost of heating the properties and yielded a 30 month return on investment.

If you would like to explore some of the options available under the Energy Smart program, call 970-328-8777 or visit

Energy Smart was funded in 2011 by a $4.9 million Department of Energy grant for Eagle, Pitkin and Gunnison counties.

Eagle County’s program is transitioning toward oversight by the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability.

John Gitchell is the Eagle County Energy Smart program’s administrator.

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