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Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to editor@vaildaily.com to be included.

HIT: From a reader to “the slalom machine-cyborg known as Mikaela Shiffrin, first race back from injury and two perfect runs. Terminator?”

HIT: From a reader to “everyone in the service industry, little thanks is ever given, but we all appreciate the hard work and enthusiasm.”

MISS: To the short-term vacation rental phenomenon tightening the long-term rental market even more in our community.

HIT: To Crave Community Co. coming back from the drawing board with a better idea for a land swap that puts Battle Mountain in the national forest where it belongs and protects Meadow Mountain’s public areas.

MISS: To Minturn residents who couldn’t be happier about developing the crap out of Battle Mountain and Bolts Lake but suddenly are so skeptical about this idea. Where were you when the lesser idea by far won a referendum by nearly 90 percent?

HIT: To Minturn leaders at least being willing to consider the new idea.

HIT: To the Rev. Brooks Keith, the Rev. Mark Huggeniv and Deacon Steve Baird of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration taking ashes and prayers on the road for Ash Wednesday, working their way through Vail and Beaver Creek’s villages.

HIT: To the biomass plant in Gypsum finally running again after shutting down for a year over a very repairable fire on its conveyor belt — the least of its troubles, as it turns out. Lawsuits are the order of the day, along with the town of Gypsum letting the plant start up in the beginning without the plant operators doing what was needed to earn approval to do so.

MISS: To the usual nonsense about those evil wild snowboarders when the fact is skiers who are crazy are just as crazy. This is all about age and recklessness. The means of sliding has precious little to do with it.

MISS: To the inevitable hypocrisy of local governments posing as climate change fighters with showy publicity about efforts to reduce carbon emissions in minimal amounts while making other decisions that add big time to the problem. Pumping up the airport, heating streets and sidewalks and pretty much encouraging all things winter — as they must — completely wipe out the actual impact of other work. But what are you gonna do? Investing in solar energy and green housing and energy practices are the right things to do. Just don’t get all puffed up about it.

HIT: From school kids throughout the valley to a rarer than rare snow day.

HIT: To the Vail Town Council closing in on their Restore the Gore plan to clean up the creek.

MISS: In the making if all the government entities flirting with tax increases don’t somehow get together to coordinate at least the timing of their ballot proposals, not to mention the individual scope of each.

MISS: To skiers criticizing snowboarding for having a “blind side” when the truth is skiers have a bigger one. Boarders can far more easily look behind their boards as well as side by side, while skiers — facing fully forward — have much less of an idea of what’s behind them.

MISS: To the Neanderthals who contributed propensity for depression and chemical addiction to humanity as we know it today.

MISS: To the likely end of the USA Pro Challenge bicycle race. Organizers plan to come back in 2017, but only if they can make a business of it.

MISS: To the Vail Run Community Resort Association for turning a blind eye to a housekeeping manager abusing employees. They agreed to pay dearly for the oversight, and the manager was convicted. Still, it’s enough to make you sick the way people sometimes treat people in vulnerable positions.

HIT: To the town of Eagle putting a sales tax to the voters in April to fund a river park plan aiming to make the town’s riverfront a blessing in place of the eyesore there now.

HIT: To Vail Resorts winning recognition as one of the 50 most innovative companies and among the top 10 most innovative among the travel companies.

HIT: To the valley kids medaling in the Youth Olympics — River Radamus and his three golds, Jake Pates with his gold and Paula Cooper with her silver.

MISS: To reminders such as the big rockslide closing Glenwood Canyon about nature’s ultimate relationship to humans.

HIT: To seeing no trucks and sparse local traffic on the drive upvalley to work, a reminder of its own about how much of I-70’s traffic comes from motorists driving through.

HIT: To the holiday army of bell ringers who raised $52,000 in generous shoppers’ spare change.

MISS: To the numbskulls looking for shortcuts around the Interstate 70 closure in Glenwood Canyon. Using their apps, a number of people decided to try to drive closed-for the season Independence Pass, and Sylvan Lake State Park on Wednesday posted a photo of a very stuck semi on the road above the Yeoman Park cutoff. Folks, when your eyes tell you something different than your app, trust your eyes.

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