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Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to editor@vaildaily.com to be included.

MISS: To Eagle County scoring in a recent RealtyTrac report as the least affordable housing market in the nation. Worse than Marin County, California, fancy pants New York and Connecticut, even Aspen by the housing data company’s measure comparing average wage to average house payments. Houston doesn’t have a problem. But we do.

HIT: To the Salvation Army building a greenhouse to grow vegetables year-round for folks in need. The caseload has stayed high even as the valley has recovered from the depths of the recession.

HIT: To the snow guns starting to fire up and that dab up high of white earlier this week.

HIT: To election season and the chance to think about civic direction.

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HIT: To the candidates willing to put themselves out there.

MISS: To the passing of Darla, who was the Minturn Turntable Restaurant for many years.

HIT: To the town of Minturn attracting the kind of positive attention it has, as intended, for building goofy public bathrooms. The valley’s most historic and traditional town can boast of a dab of avant garde.

HIT: To Eagle County Treasurer Karen Sheaffer, one of our quiet, consistent and always excellent treasures in public service. She’s put in 20 years in the office and decided the end of this year will be the end of this run. Big shoes, there.

HIT: To the push to protect Deep Creek as a Wild and Scenic River. Should be a no-brainer.

MISS: To the ski mountain closest to our heart, Vail, ranking a lowly seventh this year in the Ski Magazine ranking. The usual suspects appear to be most to blame: high cost, I-70 traffic. Nothing about the mountain and base lacking fun, or becoming too much of a retirement community. With the 2015 alpine championships out of the way, Vail next year may well see a resurgence in the heart of hearts of Ski Magazine’s survey takers.

MISS: To the Eagle County Charter Academy failing in its mission to serve the full scope of the Vail Valley’s kids and instead pretty much contenting itself as a bastion of the privileged on the public dime for over 20 years now. But let’s be mindful that this problem illuminated in the Charter Academy with enrollment balance permeates the entire valley in many other ways, none particularly healthy. This is not just the Charter Academy’s problem, in other words.

HIT: To horseshoes and good neighbors.

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