No integrity issue here

I have been in this valley since 1993 and have had the pleasure to know and work with Chris Evans since 1996 and Todd Goulding since 2001. I can personally tell you that I hold these two gentlemen in the highest regard. They could not have any more integrity than they both possess. So anyone that questions this does not have any idea of what they are speaking. I stake my reputation on this.

Tab Bonidy

Bankrupt presidency

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I have two words for the end result of Obama policies: Detroit. Bankrupt.

As for the middle class, Obama policies have totally destroyed the middle class.

Isn’t it strange that the prince of fairness after five years has created the worst wealth gap ever. His Hollywood and Wall Street cronies are doing great. How’s that booming stock market working for the middle class?

Just think, in his final three years he can create several more Detroits, but only low-paying jobs for the youth.

Wake Van Ens up. He is in a coma!

Gene Henry


Ignorance abounds

Wherever illiteracy and ignorance exists, religion finds fertile ground and flourishes. Since the beginning of recorded history and to date, religious leaders, predominately males, have taken advantage of this reality in order to keep women in what they thought was their proper place and the rest of the population under their thumb.

No where is this more evident than in the nations around the world where today Islam prevails.

Boys living in these countries are educated in strict religious schools, are taught intolerance and to hate, while girls who dare to seek an education risk mutilation or death at the hand of religious zealots.

One of the many downsides of locking up more than half of the population, women, and relegating them to tasks related to “Kinder, Kuche und Kirche,” is that this places the overall population at a great economic disadvantage compared to the rest of the world.

Poverty and squalor have been shown to ensue, creating a virulent environment for religious fanaticism to further take hold and then like a cancer spread intolerance, disorder and havoc around the world.

To a somewhat lesser extent, religion continues to dominate thought and politics here in the United States, as approximately 75 percent of the population continues to believe in angels, miracles and some sort of an afterlife.

Deities and gods are simply figments of the human imagination, and from the dawn of recorded history were conjured up by creative mortals in an attempt to explain what science at the time could not.

The Greek scholar Lucretius in the 1st century B.C. understood this, and though he did not deny the existence of gods, he opined that even if they did exist they would have had no interest in our species at all, as there was far too much else going on in the limitless expanse of the universe.

The founders of all of the world’s modern religions were men, not gods, early visionaries whose ideas and ability to motivate and change the thinking of millions of others helped to advance civilization — however, too often in a very harsh and brutal fashion as the ongoing religious wars illustrate so well.

As there is absolutely no concrete evidence that there is anyone out there who will come and save us from ourselves, if humankind is to survive as a species for very much longer, it would be wise to admit that this is so and to take appropriate action.

Far better to gradually enact a sea change of intelligent thought by embracing a culture of secular humanism that emphasizes education, knowledge, tolerance, a compassion for others; and the understanding that we are all of one species and our very survival depends on us working together in peace and in concert.

Planet Earth is the only home we and all future generations will every have. Therefore, for everyone’s sake, current generations must take the steps necessary to reduce our own footprint to a sustainable level and begin right away to treat lifeboat Earth with far greater respect as if all life depended upon it, for it does.

Peter Bergh


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