Vail Daily column: 2016’s news and the real news |

Vail Daily column: 2016’s news and the real news

Don Rogers
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Don Rogers
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Buckle up. 2016 promises to be quite a ride.

The presidential race finally will get serious. Does Donald Trump survive voters’ scrutiny in the primaries? Will Eagle’s Town Board in April?

Yes, it’s a big election year. We’ll choose a new commander in chief, if not a whole new direction for the country. Such notions get overly hyped in the throes of the campaigning. For once, Rush Limbaugh is closer to the truth as he whines about the Republicans in Congress acting responsibly for a change.

America will remain America, of course, in all our glorious mess. But I can’t see Trump appealing to more than 25 percent of his own party, Republican for now, never mind a nation that should be smarter than this. But there he floats, riding bombast atop the polls.

I still see a Howard Dean-like collapse for The Donald. Dean led the Dem polls up to the Iowa caucuses in 2004 and then dropped off with his infamous scream — tame by Trump standards, of course. Trump, he makes Ted Cruz look reasonable.

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Meantime, the Democrats have a bit of a Bob Dole problem. You remember Dole. The GOP thought Bill Clinton would be so easy to defeat they threw up Dole, as weak a candidate as they could nominate. Seemed they mistook the Republican nomination for a retirement gift to the longstanding senator.

Hillary Clinton might just be the least trusted politician since Richard Nixon, fair or not. I know I don’t trust her. Marco Rubio probably would beat her. Jeb Bush would have a good chance. That is, if he had a prayer of advancing in his own hijacked party.

Now I also see ISIS fading in Iraq and Syria, their bid to hold ground a fatal flaw. Obviously you can’t take me too seriously.

Locally, the towns of Eagle and Avon will have the most interesting town leader elections, at least to me. And Eagle County commissioners Kathy Chandler-Henry and Jill Ryan’s seats will be up for election; that’s a majority of the three-seat County Board. No, Jon Stavney can’t run for his old commissioner seat yet, but he could run for mayor in Eagle. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Head to head with the mayor who led the effort to oust him as Eagle’s town manager?

We’ll see what if any tax measures reach the ballot, too. The school district, flight subsidy program, and a fire district or two have been circling around this question for some time now.

For now we’re missing the hype and hoopla around the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. Remember that? But there’s plenty of snow and no sign at the (below-freezing) moment I’m writing of the warmest year on record.

I’m looking forward to at least slightly warmer days, grateful to my knee doc for the days I’ve already had snowboarding this season after being skunked last year. Also looking forward to the end of the long reign of Kobe Bryant with my Lakers, speaking of hijackings. Respectful of his ability, sure, but not a fan. How could any of us be, considering his infamous visit in 2003?

But never mind all that. Just the world in its orbit, same o’, same o’ compared to the real deal of 2016: Our first grandchild is due. The kind of beats everything, wouldn’t you agree? At least around here it does.

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