Vail Daily column: Celebrating 45 years of serving the community |

Vail Daily column: Celebrating 45 years of serving the community

Anniversaries are a common thing. Every business has one, and each anniversary is meaningful for that business, from one year to 100 years. It’s an affirmation that you’re doing the right thing for your customers, for your employees and for your community. Anniversaries are a time to reflect on past successes and be grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given. They are also a time to consider what the past has taught us and use those lessons to help pave the road for the future.

This year is the Gallegos Corp.’s 45th Anniversary. We have a lot to be grateful for at Gallegos. We are thankful for the vision and values that Gerald G. Gallegos established for us, to our clients who continue to put their trust in us to get the job done to the highest standard. We are equally thankful to employees past and present for keeping the bar high in client service, professionalism, job site safety, integrity and for being good stewards in our communities. Our reputation as industry leaders exists because our employees choose to uphold our core values. Without this incredible team, we couldn’t deliver on our promises to clients.

Our valley community just celebrated its 50th anniversary not too long ago; The Gallegos Corp. was founded shortly after the Vail Ski Resort was created. We’ve been proud to serve our community for the past four and a half decades through our philanthropic endeavors and through our new apprenticeship program. This program provides soon-to-be high school graduates and those interested in construction trades an apprenticeship program that, if completed, culminates in a job at Gallegos and the skills needed to walk onto any jobsite and be successful. It’s just one more way that we’re investing in our community’s future.

Celebrating the 45 years that we’ve been in business is nice, but what we are really celebrating are the people and core values that it takes to run a successful business this long. It’s a testament to the people, both past and present, who have worked under the Gallegos name and a strong nod to Gerald, who started the wheels in motion 45 years ago by building his first stone fireplace in Minturn. We want to thank everyone who has been integral in our success, employees and customers alike. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes and businesses.

We’re proud of our reputation for quality craftsmanship and on-time completion in residential and commercial construction services. Though we are consistently chosen for intricate residential jobs and large-scale commercial projects all over the United States, the Vail area is still our home, one that we look forward to serving for many more years to come.

Gary Woodworth is the CEO of the Gallegos Corp.

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