Vail Daily column: Congress: That’s entertainment! |

Vail Daily column: Congress: That’s entertainment!

Richard Carnes
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Richard Carnes

Seeing news stories with Republicans screaming that Obama has ordered all war memorials inaccessible to veterans, doing so with 10 times the security the president allegedly allowed at Benghazi — it’s worth a few laughs.

Democrats screaming that kids with cancer are being denied treatment while the food they eat is no longer being inspected and their daily smile is flipped upside down as the National Zoo “Panda-Cam” is shut down — certainly worthy of a giggle or two.

Michele Bachmann hugging and kissing an old veteran in front of the World War II Memorial while telling the camera that she is doing her best to prevent Obama from exploiting the veterans for political gain — friggin’ priceless.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the latest worst-seller of the 21st century — “50 Shades of Government” — and nobody has any idea who’s on top or if they brought the proper kind of protection.

The international soap opera playing out on the world’s stage is little more than a “Jerry Springer Show” for the well-dressed, complete with narcissistic self-righteous types on both sides vying for the crown of “Most Shallow.”

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All I see is a law passed by Congress, signed by the president and upheld by the Supreme Court (by the way, the same SCOTUS that declared “corporations are people, too”), but apparently 42 failed Congress votes to repeal the law wasn’t enough.

It seems Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are “twerking” down the aisle while Harry Reid is just jerking.

Imagine how Republicans would scream if Democrats threatened to shut down the government unless the GOP agreed to pass legislation banning all military-style weapons and regulating all handguns.

Of course, as opposed to Obamacare, no such law actually exists, but that’s obviously not the point.

This is like the Broncos winning a few days ago in Dallas. They won fair and square, but what if the Cowboys simply refused to acknowledge the loss because they “know” they are a better team? By GOP logic, if Denver refused to concede, or better yet, play the game again, then they are spoiled and petulant little children for refusing to negotiate the non-negotiable.

And don’t forget I’m a born-and-raised-in-Dallas, bleed-silver-and-blue Cowboy fan.

I claim membership with neither party, much less even a casual acquaintanceship, but no one should agree to allow their country to be destroyed and their Constitution ignored because their side lost a vote.

Like our esteemed Mr. Ed (as in Don R.) said last week, the smartest strategy would be to let Obamacare be implemented, watch it fail in glorious fashion and then win in a 2014 landslide as the party who can repeal it (properly, using the actual repeal process). But of course the risk is that the American people will like it, thus removing any chance for repeal.

But hey, it’s politics; everything is risky.

Welcome to the democratic process.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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