Vail Daily column: Death to angry WORMs |

Vail Daily column: Death to angry WORMs

Richard Carnes
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Richard Carnes

There is an entire generation that I, as inappropriate as it might sound, will be happy when they are gone.

I’m not saying I wish particular people would actually die, as I’m not that kind of jerk (I’m the good kind), but I do look forward to a time in our society when a certain mindset of a certain generation no longer plays an active role in our future.

And there are an awful lot of White Old Rich Men (WORMs) with a particular mindset apparently hanging around for the sole purpose of proving their ignorance towards our progress as a species, and if I didn’t know better, I would bet good money that their goal is to leave the world a worse place than when they first arrived.

Rupert Murdoch, Jack Welch, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, the Brothers Koch, John McCain, Cliven Bundy and his silly bunch of anti-government cowboys and, of course, Donald Sterling, just to name a few.

What can a multi-billionaire say? Apparently anything he wants too, and whenever his feels like it.

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But hey, so can you and I, with the only difference being most of us possess the common decency to withhold the really nasty stuff from public consumption.


The Sterling issue (you can rearrange his name to spell “Slandering Dolt”) has nothing to do with freedom of speech and everything to do with freedom of money.

I’ve heard some of my own family members say atrocious things at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but I don’t share it with the world, so this is not a First Amendment issue. Sterling is not being prosecuted by any government agency and his constitutional rights are not being violated. The NBA is a private, not public, corporation. With 30 private owners, they can do whatever they wish within the boundaries of U.S. law. They could kick out Sterling for being Jewish if they wish.

But they’re not complete idiots.

And yes, I’ll defend any of these WORMs’ right to spew such vitriolic nonsense, but I’ll also defend a private entity’s right to kick him out of the club according to their own bylaws. Besides, if being a rich jerk is a crime, why is Donald Trump still walking around?

Sure, the taping was illegal in the state of California, but you can’t put the K-Y Jelly back in the tube after it’s been spread all over the place, which Sterling did with his idiotic attempt at an apology on Anderson Cooper’s show.

He dug his own grave even deeper.

Either way, if the NBA did not ban him the “free market” would have taken care of the problem. Advertisers would have left, along with any talent on the team, new players would stay away, the Clippers would return to last place, and other than Rush Limbaugh’s he would no longer be invited to anyone’s parties.

I’m just sick and tired of these hypocritical wealthy bigots pretending the color of their skin, where they were born, their net worth or their sexual proclivity adds any weight to their outdated and no longer valid opinions. (I am just as sick and tired of the poor and middle class bigots too, but they don’t receive national press coverage.)

But the WORMs that pass on their homophobic and racist bigotry to the next generation are the saddest aspect of it all, and that is why I look forward to the end of their reign.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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