Vail Daily column: Going the extra mile |

Vail Daily column: Going the extra mile

Butch Mazzuca
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Butch Mazzuca
Butch Mazzuca |

Attitude can be defined as the position or bearing as indicating action, feeling or mood. And it is our actions, feelings and moods that determine the actions, feelings or moods of others. Our attitude literally tells the world what we expect. What follows then are several true account vignettes that reveal the attitudes of several of the businesses in the valley.

Homeowners know there’s always something on the to-do list when it comes to home maintenance. And when the list grows even longer because of a breakdown or damage to something it can be exasperating at times trying to find the right person or persons to handle it.

We had such an occurrence with some outdoor wear and tear issues. Correcting the situation required the coordination of several artisans. Not knowing quite who to contact friends of ours recommended Gary Hill of Hill Construction. Wow — between Gary and his right hand man, Raoul, the matter was taken care of efficiently, economically and with a minimum of disruption to our lives. I will recommend Gary and Raoul to anyone!

In another instance, while preparing for my “African Cats” photo exhibit at the Vail Public Library I had the pleasure of working with Lori Ann Barnes, the town librarian. Setting up a new exhibit while someone else is taking down theirs on the same day can create logistical problems.

Anticipating this, Lori Ann and her staff took a situation littered with potential stumbling blocks and proactively made the necessary accommodations without being asked and the transition worked out perfectly. We all benefit when people hold an attitude of being proactive. Thank you, Lori.

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And speaking of being proactive, recently, I contacted the county about some road and traffic matters. While I always receive the finest service from county employees, on this occasion Greg Schroeder, the county’s senior staff engineer, and Ben Gerdes proactively contacted me regarding the matters of concern. I had left matters with Greg indicating I would get back to him while I was awaiting further information. But Greg and the team at the county didn’t wait; they took it upon themselves to follow up with me to ensure I was getting my questions answered. We’re fortunate to have such employees at the county.

My wife’s and my ski season were cut short this year due to a couple of skiing accidents two days apart. Bobbi was unable to use her right arm for about four weeks and my cooking skills leave much to be desired, not to mention that I was on crutches. And while friends offering to bring soup or shop for us was thoughtful, we didn’t want to take advantage so we looked for someone who could prepare real meals that could be frozen.

We found Chef Richard Bailey at Taste 5 Catering in Cordillera. At the time Richard was in the catering business and wasn’t doing individual meals, but when I told him of our situation, he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

His meals (organic and reasonably priced) were a godsend during those first weeks after our injuries. This was a win-win; Richard’s “I’ll take care of it” attitude helped us immensely and we’ve made certain our circle of friends know his business.

Shortly after our skiing accidents, Bobbi and I had to shop for a new adjustable mattress because Bobbi could not position her injured arm and shoulder on a flat mattress so she could sleep. So we bought a Tempur-Pedic mattress that contrary to the salesman’s assurances not only did not fit our bed, but also didn’t function as advertised.

The purchase, delivery and set-up of the mattress was the worst buying experience Bobbi and I have ever had — I won’t go into details but I can assure you we’ll never do business with this local retailer again. Meanwhile we contacted Temper-Pedic’s home office and they sent out a crew to remedy the situation; but that still left us without a bed frame and at least for the time being, a malfunctioning adjustable mattress.

But to the rescue came Scott Allison, owner of Roaring Fork Furniture in Glenwood Springs, who not only put a rush order on a new bed and gave us a great deal on it. But most impressively, Scott also made arrangements for a temporary bed and mattress at no cost to us, should it become necessary to return the Tempur-Pedic if it couldn’t be adjusted. I realize Roaring Fork Furniture isn’t in the valley, but thought the valley’s residents might want to know about Scott and his company should the need arise.

Customers look for quality, service and price — but a positive and proactive attitude is really what keeps customers coming back.

Quote of the day: “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” — Peter Drucker

Butch Mazzuca, of Edwards, writes regularly for the Vail Daily. He can be reached at

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